Man, it’s Leon Bridges and John Mayer!

The Grammy Award winning R&B artist and songwriter Leon Bridges has teamed up with John Mayer to deliver this song. To tell you, this new laidback soul track wasn’t in the list of their installment for an EP or tied up for an album. It was just recorded after some traded verses and impromptu jam session between these great music artists last year.

“The concept for “Inside Friend” came about from Mayer and I joking around in the studio about what an ideal date for an introvert or homebody like myself would be. I tour most of the year, so I’d rather invite a gal over to lounge comfortably in the crib as opposed to go out somewhere crowded,” shared Bridges.

It kicks off with smooth and dreamlike tunes with a sharp snare and watery riffs from Mayer’s guitar. “Inside Friend” flaunts easy-going beats that can really relax your mood and comfortably entice you to just chill for a moment.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, why not give it a shot here?

“Inside Friend” stayed on the back burner for a while because it didn’t fit within the context of my third project, but the current state we’re in globally compelled us to dig this back up and finish it. I hope people find it soothing and uplifting while we hole up indoors and get through this,” Bridges added.

To brighten up your impatient hearts, you can also have a glimpse with John Mayer as he jammed this song with his dog friend right there! How about you? Who do you want to be your Inside Friend?

So far, this is the first high-profile collaboration with which Leon Bridges has been involved this year. And in case you don’t know yet, this new track is one of many recent releases from Leon, following on the heels of Texas Sun, a collaborative EP with Khruangbin, as well as his feature on Noah Cyrus’s “July”.

So, what are you waiting for? Vibe to Leon Bridges and John Mayer with this song! You can stream it on Spotify too!


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