Formed in 2020 and now with almost 2 million followers on TikTok plus hundreds of fan accounts across all social media platforms, Here At Last have made the leap from obscurity with a masterstroke of collective thinking.

Early last year, Zach, Tommy, Pedro, James and Ryan were seemingly locked out from taking their careers to the next level when lockdown rules prevented them from meeting and making music. So, they moved the goalposts by moving in together and growing an amazing fan base on TikTok posting covers and even invented the TikTok famous trend ‘Guess Who’s Singing’. Now with their debut original single “Tongue” the band aims to climb up the charts to be the next household boyband to come out of the UK.

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TikTok has swept the world during the pandemic and has brought new meaning to online virality. The app has launched and revived the careers of musicians, dancers and more creatives into overnight global stardom. One of its most recent targets is Here At Last, with their boyish charm and relatability to their Gen Z audience.

Currently, Indonesians and Filipinos make up a big chunk of the band’s following on TikTok. Both Indonesia and the Philippines are in the Top 5 based on the band’s follower count on the app.

The catchy track “Tongue”, officially marks Here At Last’s step into the music industry and this is only the beginning for the band.

Listen to the track below!


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