From slaying their home countries to nearing international stardom, these are the top tracks from our favourite Asian artists that you should definitely add to your queue!

For years, a growing number of Asian tracks have been gaining recognition both in their respective home countries and among the international crowd. A couple of years back, this would have been a very difficult task to make as the international scene has always been dominated by the US.

Ushering in this new era of Asia finally getting recognized, here at UDOU, we’re opening up our platform to not just the OPM artists’ but also to artists’ in our neighboring countries whose talents can no longer be denied. Maybe you guys are not aware of this but there’s a slew of great Asian music still undiscovered by many, and we believe it is high time for these gems to be uncovered, for them to be found as they do deserve to take that bigger platform.

And we here at UDOU promises to do just that! We truly hope to support and of course, to boost the Asian Music industry even further!

With that being said, let UDOU introduce you to a list of our personal compilations of darn great newly-released tracks this year from our Asian artists ! Check out the first ever published list of UDOU’s Top Asian Hits that you definitely should consider adding to your favourite playlist! That’s if you aren’t already jamming out to them.

Estrangers by No Vacation

Kicked-off with hovering over quaint guitars, Estrangers is a sappy-romantic track that conveys how lovers turned into strangers. This track is the band’s installment from their EP Phasing that was released last October 2019 by the dream-pop outfit, No Vacation.

According to the band, they’ve released its lyric video last April because we’re all at home under quarantine. Well, if you haven’t listened to it yet, check out the video below!

Shouldn’t Have To Run by Gentle Bones and Joie Tan

Riding the wave of two notable collaborations this year, Shouldn’t Have To Run is a captivating duet sung alongside Singapore’s melodic sweetheart, Joie Tan and Gentle Bones. This track explores the wistful relationship of two lovers whose stars are struggling to align.

More so, it inspires a vision of space-age aesthetic and will give you lush, vintage tunes. If you are a fan of R&B genre, we’re definitely sure that you’re gonna love this one!

Bandaids by Keshi

Giving us numbness of heartbreak, this track is taken from the EP of the rising enigmatic singer-songwriter, Keshi. Moreover, ‘bandaids’ really emphasized the rawness of Keshi’s voice that complements the dreamy yet heartbreaking message of the song.

To tell you, this track showcases the experimentation of Keshi because piano is not commonly used in his work. You can dive more into his craft by listening to this in different digital platforms.

Eight by IU and Suga of BTS

This track is a highly-anticipated collaboration from the popular music artist from Korea, IU (Lee Jieun) and BTS’ Suga (Min Yoongi). With over 55 million views of its music video Youtube, this track describe as a short confessional recount track.

According to IU, ‘Eight’ is like a short novel of confession of her twenty-eight-year-old self with the use of various metaphors. Started with airy synths and run through having a feel-good pop beats, this song will definitely love by all Kpop fans out there!

In case you haven’t seen its music video yet, make sure to watch it below!

Show Me What You Got by 異鄉人 Outlander

If you miss the hype of Taiwanese music, well this one is for you! From the past decade, probably all we know to sing along with the tracks from the hit series, Meteor Garden. Little did we know, Taiwanese music industry are still growing not just in their fanbase but also with the quality of their music!

To present you one, here’s a groovy upbeat track by Outlander (Yi Xiang Ren). Give it a listen below and watch its aesthetic music video!

Switchblade by Niki Zefanya

Hailing from IndonesiaNicole Zefanya or known as ‘Niki’ released her latest single last April via 88 Rising called ‘Switchblade’. With the haunting synth, percussion sounds and dark electro-pop , Switchblade is inspired by the fast phase fame journey of the Indonesia’s R&B singer to a rising International music artist.

Though the sound is too far from her usual genre, her new single embodies a thought of eagerness that one can accomplish anything, like even the highest dreams can be at reach. More so, this track complements her music video which is really a glorious and mystical one.

Introspection by UMI

The rising Japanese-African-American, UMI takes us on a glimpse of her mind through her track ‘Introspection‘. According to her, she wrote this song to give us a reflection of her journey over the past year, and with the intention to evoke introspection, both into herself and to the listener.

What’s more, you could expect an upcoming EP from this emerging singer-songwriter! Well, stay tuned for it but for now, let’s dive into her latest track, ‘Introspection‘.

Softly Spoken by Phum Viphurit

Just last April, Phum Viphurit dropped ‘Softly Spoken‘ together with its dreamy haze music video. According to the Thai’s Neo-soul star, this track is an ode to to his hometown which was created perfectly!

At some point, you can find relaxation with the track even by watching the slow dance of the two couples in its music video. Aside from this track, you can discover more hella great vibes from this artist from Thailand. Better to dive into his playlist now!

Gimme Love By Joji

Giving us some melancholic lyricism, Joji released another head-bopping track called ‘Gimme Love‘ under 88rising. In line with that, there’s no dying that all of his music video is a piece of masterpiece! Check out his latest music video and if you enjoy it, you can dive into more of his peculiar music videos.

Furthermore,’Gimme Love’ is just a taste for his upcoming Sophomore Album ‘Nectar’.Bet that you Joji’s fans are all excited about it! For now, let’s continually dance along with his tracks that you can stream in different digital platforms.


Long Night by Audrey Nuna

Etched with an intoxicating backing beat, this track was definitely nailed by the emerging 20-year-old Korean-American artist, Audrey Nuna. There’s rapid-fire lyricism and this one showcased her dynamic range. According to her, she re-wrote these many times as well as her videos and ended up enjoying her long night in pouring much of her heart into this piece.

Additionally, ‘Long Night‘ is an installment for her upcoming untitled-yet-EP. So, be sure to stay tuned for updates regarding her EP’s release!


Which of these amazing discoveries is your favorite?

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