Pitch Perfect’s Hailee Steinfield went live in a Virtual Press Conference hosted by MCA Music!

After dropping her new single inspired by Annie Lennox’s 1995 song “No More ‘I Love You’s”, Hailee Steinfield became stapled for a lot of interviews online since everyone was hunkered down at home. Well, thanks to MCA Music, UdoU had the opportunity to take part in an online interview with the pop star.

Through that virtual interview, Hailee expressed how she takes the look of “self-isolation” to a whole new level. As her song conveys more of like a self-love anthem, she stated that there’s nothing wrong with being alone and focusing on ourselves. More so, according to her it’s really pretty to slow down and take a step back for a while.

“I think sometimes the idea of being alone can be daunting or not necessarily desirable for some people. I was in a certain situation where that was like the last thing I wanted. But I knew it’s what I needed,” she said.

Why stop saying I Love You’s?

In case you didn’t know yet, “I Love You’s” is about recovering from a heartbreak. It encourages us to find ourselves and learn to love ourselves again– this way we could give ourselves the opportunity to heal. Hailee also added lines that tackle healing, growth, and figuring everything out in our lives.

 “I am in that point in my life where I’m trying to figure it all out but I do feel like taking time and sort of having these moments with myself that allowed me to move forward.” she added.

Furthermore, diving into her track gives us a vow with ourselves to not rush into a new relationship until we’ve sufficiently recovered and are finally ready to fall in love again.

If you’re wondering about her new stunning track, be sure to check it out below.

More about her Directed Music Video

Wearing printed Valentino cape layered over a zebra Versace bodysuit, Hailee also did great and had in directing her own music video. Co-hemmed alongside Sarah McColgan, her directorial debut showcases nothing but an impressive eye for stunning and striking imagery. Truth be told, Steinfeld said she enjoyed wearing beautiful outfits while filming that black-and-white clip.

“I always knew that my music video would be black and white, so it was important that each look was bold and it was more about the texture and the pattern rather than the colors. I’ve always felt it stood out to me the most in the fitting room, on the rack and on the day of the video and, of course, in the video,” Hailee shared.

Looking for more deets of her directorial debut? Check it now down below!

Aside from talking about her new release, Hailee also shared with us what it is like to release new music in the face of a global pandemic crisis.

“You know I always say and I really do believe that music has such a unique ability to connect people and bring people joy. As a fan of music, I am always looking for my favorite artist to put new tunes out. As strange as it feels to be putting music out, it almost feels like it’s the right thing to do because I think it continues to connect people,” she expressed.

Additionally, Hailee said she couldn’t wait until everything goes back to normal and celebrate music/life again with everyone. The song may evoke melancholy feels and heartfelt lyrics, but upon listening to Hailee’s perspective— she definitely wears the crown of being a strong independent woman.

While waiting for whatever Hailee has in store for us in her forthcoming two-part project, for now let’s stream “I Love You’s” on Spotify!

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