Green Day Releases ‘Troubled Times’ Music Video

Green Day has never been afraid to call out the immoralities of the United States, so in the wake of the terrorists attacks in Charlottesville, Virgina over the weekend, they released a music video for their track “Troubled Times”.

Always Outspoken, Never Shy

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool might be in their mid-40s but they’re what millennials call “woke AF”. They’ve never been shy in showing their disdain for abusive authorities and this can be evidently heard in their music. Their 2004 punk rock opera “American Idiot” follows the story of the adolescent anti-hero Jesus of Suburbia. As the album progresses, the band expresses tumultuous events such as the Iraq War shaped false reality of the generation that came of age during that time. “American Idiot” turned into a hit Broadway musical and even ran a production here in Manila. The following album, “21st Century Breakdown”, revolves around the selfish manipulation being done by authoritative figures.

“Troubled Times”

Their latest album “Revolution Radio” carries on the theme. The concept album explores dark and negative themes associated with living in this century, including mass shootings, and the narcissism of social media. The music video for “Troubled Times” starts off simple—Armstrong is holding a phone camera and singing along, but he is soon surrounded by montages of drugs, war, and violence including footage from the recent Charlottesville terrorist attacks that saw three dead and 35 injured. Political figures such as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and George Bush also make appearances in the video.

Apart from the music video, Armstrong also addressed the Charlottesville issue while in the middle of their North America tour.

“these issues are our ugly past.. and now it’s coming to haunt us. always resist these doomsday politicians. and in the words of our punk forefathers .. Nazi punks fuck off.”

Other big names in the industry like Lorde took it to Twitter to apologize for how “white people are responsible for this system’s thrive and fall.” Lady Gaga and John Legend criticized Trump for his failure to condemn the hate groups involved in the Charlottesville matter.

We show zero support for this kind of bigotry and blatant racism. We send all our love, prayers, and good vibrations to the people of Charlottesville as they try to move forward from this terrorist (YES, it’s terrorism) attack.

Check out the music video below.

Green Day – Troubled Times from Rev Rad on Vimeo.

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