“If there’s something I want to say through my songs, it will be the value of life.” – Gloc 9

On June 20th, Gloc-9 along with his cohorts Shanti Dope, J.Kris and Abaddon released a music video for his song “Norem”, and it brutally depicts the failure of the current administration’s War on Drugs.

Norem is a part of Gloc 9’s EP entitled Rotonda. “Norem” is also a street-slang for “Meron” and it is usually used in small drug deals when a buyer asks a dealer if he or she is holding drugs. The song is about Gloria’s son who is a drug dealer. It is a typical story of a Filipino family where one of the member will try to sell drugs just so they can raise their family because that’s the easiest way they can get money.

Gloc 9 new music video starts out with an establishing shot of the slums of Manila where Meth use is soaring because of the harsh circumstances these people live in—working 10 to 12 hours a day with below minimum wage income and back-breaking work.

Alas dose, hating gabi
Pwedeng pa-gramo gramo kung gusto bumili
Abutan ng bayad sa may tabi tabi
Ingat lang dahil baka may makasalisi

In sheer contrast of Gloc-9’s previous work, it is obvious that the artists have grown and it shows in his music. In his EP “Rotonda” where Norem is a part of, the artists talks about prostitution, poverty, the plight of Overseas Filipino Workers and corruption; where the populace suffers whilst becoming desensitized from extrajudicial injustices, where the poor are being killed on a daily basis—where the streets became a firing range for the promise of change.

Kaya ingat lang sa kapkapan baka magka-bakbakan
May bakal ka ba na dala na katulad nila sinubukang lumaban
Wag nyo akong tutularan sa tabi ng kanyang pangalan
May dugo na namang bumaha sa daan na kailangang punasan

“Norem” is truly an eye-opener on a grotesque reality where we currently live in.