Would you just jump into the pool even if you don’t know how to swim?

There are things we’ve been dying to say to someone. And even if it only takes a couple of seconds to let them slip out of our mouth, we just can’t seem to say them. We choose the long, hard way: keeping it all to ourselves, protecting us and the other person from the devastating effects of saying it, although the mere act of silence already devastates us.

What’s worse is that once we’ve gathered up all the courage to say it and finally did, you know you’re supposedly relieved. But you’re not. In fact, the beating heart of the action has just begun: the torturous anticipation of the other person’s response. That part– the waiting part while you’re three seconds away from acceptance or rejection– is another form of punishment which feels like an eternity. Your heart is racing. You’re filled with dread and anxiety as you brace yourself for what’s to come. In your head, it’s all so incredibly loud.

That exact, brief, build-up moment between saying something and hearing something in return, has been amazingly turned into a fantastic track by the band you’d expect to make music out of such unexplored grounds of living. Glass Animals, the English psychedelic pop band behind the victorious banger Heat Waves, have returned with their next offering sure to put us at the peak of self-reflection at 4 AM: It’s All So Incredibly Loud.

‘It’s All So Incredibly Loud’ is Glass Animals’ latest track for their forthcoming album, ‘Dreamland‘, out on Polydor Records on the 7th August. Built on heavy bass and trippy synths and paired up with Dave’s signature dreamlike vocals, this new track will hit its listeners with waves of endorphins while putting you in a state of deep contemplation. Yep, as most fans have claimed, to enhance the overall experience, it’s best listened to at 4 in the morning.

The song is also accompanied by a music video encapsulating the struggle between wanting to just go at it but holding yourself back. It shows our man, Dave Bayley, standing on the edge of the diving board, mulling over jumping into the metaphorical pool that visually represents the scary unknown.

On the music video, Dave Bayley explains: “The entire song is only about three seconds of life. I think most people have been in a position where they have had to tell someone something that they knew was going to devastate them. Something that would change their life. It’s about the silence that occurs between those words leaving your mouth, and the other person reacting. It’s the most deafening thing I’ve ever experienced. The video is meant to be a metaphor for the build-up before that, and then the sudden explosion of quiet that lasts forever.”


Dreamland comes out on August 7, 2020. You can preorder here. For more updates on Glass Animals, you can also follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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