It’s time to put another International Asian artist into our Spotlight! Let’s dive into the rising Thai-Belgian alt-pop songstress, Violette Wautier!

With her prowess in songwriting as well as her undeniable great skills in acting, we truly can’t deny that she is indeed one of Thailand’s most beloved talents in the worlds of both film and music. And uDOu is quite thrilled to be given the opportunity to talk to her about her latest album, ‘Glitter and Smoke’. 

Come and join in the fun as we met her virtually! You can follow our conversation with her below:

A Staple Star

After releasing her tracks ‘I’d Do it Again‘ and ‘Brassac‘ as an installment for her debut album, the beautiful rising Thai star slowly imbued herself outside of her home country, Thailand right into International recognition. This came along following the record-breaking feats she has set worldwide and just recently she dropped her debut album, ‘Glitters and Smoke‘ which is now available in all different platforms.

What is beneath Glitter and Smoke?

Serving us with a total of nine tracks, her album is absolutely a true gem! One that we truly recommend for you to dive into! Not only did she made us fall in love with her heartfelt lyrics (which was forged from her own heartache); surprisingly her songs at the same time have taught us how to move forward.


“I see how  I have evolved and grown throughout this album. And this album is talking about a lot of memories and love that never stayed. But it’s still a very beautiful memory flashback, so I think this album tells you a  lot, it captures the entirety of a love story” Violette stated.

She also tells us that every bit of the process of writing and producing her songs for this album is an experience she cherishes as she has totally put her heart into every bit of it.

More about Violette

Digging a little more, Violette also shared that ever since she was little she really wanted to sing, she even recalls drawing herself singing on stage when asked by her teachers what she wants to become when she grows up.

And, true to that, we saw Violette many years later as we have seen her showcasing her amazing singing voice when she finally got the courage to join the TV series  The Voice Thailand in 2013 which opened the doors of opportunities to her.

“For me making music is something that I’d do normally and I can do it anytime. I feel like I can create it whenever I want. But acting is like, whenever the opportunity comes so when I’m not acting, I make music” expressed Wautier, when asked about how she balances acting and music.

This talented Thai star has so much love for Music. She shared with us how she remembers practicing how to write songs when she was in high school, as influenced by how Taylor Swift conveys her heart into her written songs and how she wished that one day she can do the same.

Boy, do dreams come true!  With so much hard work, love, and passion for her craft, Violette has shown us that she is a true force to be reckoned with!

Upcoming Movie

Speaking of being a multi-talented star, she also shared with us her upcoming role in one of Wong Kar-Wai’s movies.

Wong Kar-Wai! Yeap, you got that right! Thou, she was not at liberty to discuss a lot of details about the film, she did say that they already have shot the film in New York last year and that she cannot wait to see and share this great film with everyone!

P.S: She is also a BIG Wong Kar-Wai fan! I mean, who isn’t?

Much love for Violette

With so much we can expect for this rising Thai star, we are sure that her debut album will be loved by many Filipinos! Overall, we can truly say that she’s one of the most talented stars in Asia that everybody should be listening to right now.

To wrap it up! Wautier is really excited to be here in the Philippines. Maybe, after this pandemic, we could finally hear her live in the Philippines! For now, let’s continually stream her debut album on Spotify!


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