Being surrounded by music, growing up with a singer for a mother and a renowned musician for a father, Clara Benin was really poised to be the musician she is today.

Starting from small releases and small gigs to bigger venues, arenas with large crowds, albeit this massive growth from the young musician, you can still expect her to keep things sentimental and genuine as they had been from the start.

No matter which crowds she’s faced with, she builds a strong connection with the audience and creates an air of viscous intimacy, a secret to why fans and non-fans alike are always left in a trance after a Clara Benin performance.

This is partially made obvious by the fact that her musical influences include equally trance-inducing folk and acoustic greats such as John Mayer, Brooke Fraiser, and Bon Iver to name a few. She has such a great love for the band switchfoot as well, recalling the vocalist John Foreman fondly, “I love John Foreman. He’s one of the singers and songwriters that I really, really look up to.”

She looks up to her musical influences and has been covering their songs for so long that she not only encourages new listeners to patronize her original music but her song covers as well. Just like this one which may or may not has set her blazing career in motion. 


Clara Benin: Araw’t Gabi and Wine

Araw’t Gabi and Wine, her latest releases, have been much awaited and so were very well received. When asked about the songs’ influences, she says Wine was put simply, written about one afternoon when she was wanting to unwind with a glass of wine.

Araw’t Gabi on the other hand was commissioned by director Jay Abella of the 2014 Cinemalaya entry ‘Red’ . Abella commissioned Clara Benin to write the main theme song of the said film back in 2014 but Benin’s recent release was a re-imagine of the song’s original arrangement.

When asked about whether she plans to release music videos for them as she does for most of her music, she says she doesn’t quite have the plans yet. Clara Benin admits that she will not be releasing music videos for these songs just for the sake of it but will be releasing one once she comes up with a visual that she’d like to see through.

Just as her music provides healing and calm, Clara also personally wishes for her fans to take care of their wellbeing. Wrapping up the interview, Benin urges fans not to forget to take care of themselves especially in these “very strange times.” Benin adds, “I hope that you all just step back and take a break from social media if you can even just for a few minutes.” … “Take a break from the screens and take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.” 


Stream her latest releases, “Araw’t Gabi” and “Wine” as well as all her wonderful music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

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