The rising enigmatic Lo-fi artist had a wonderful chat with his fans virtually via Zoom hosted by MCA music!

Named as an ‘Essential new artist for 2020‘ by NME, Keshi absolutely slating virtual interviews and fan meetings with his newly-released EP, Bandaids. To tell you, U DO U had the opportunity to take part in an online interview with him! Well, thanks to MCA Music, we were able to know him more and you can freely check out the video below where he had a fun time answering questions from his fans!

In case you didn’t know yet, Casey Luong, known as Keshi just released a ‘Diary-like’ EP called Bandaids that he wrote with honesty and romantic lyricism. In line with that, he  mentioned in the interview that he genuinely embarks honesty with verses of his song and it songwriting

” I would say honest. I think that’s the one quality that I really strive to achieve in my songwriting. And my songwriting is the thing that I hold highest.” Keshi expressed on the interview.

And we couldn’t agree more because you can really hear how he definitely wear his sleeves on his composed songs. You can check and feel how he swallowed his emotions through the lyrics of his songs!

More about Keshi

If you are curious about his moniker, Keshi started a SoundCloud account under the childhood nickname and anonymous moniker which is Keshi where he uploaded intimate lo-fi hip-hop productions such as If You’re Not The One For Me, Who Is? To tell you, that track won in a music contest on Reddit that eventually boosted and made Keshi known in lo-fi hip-hop community.


On top of that, he found his passion for music at the age of 12 from his grandfather, who possessed a “fat classical guitar” and a music book in Vietnamese. Then, he taught himself to play and developed a deep passion for music. His influences in music are All-time low, John Mayer, Frank Ocean, The 1975, Drake, and Bryson Tiller.

Moreover, Keshi faced discouragement also from pursuing music, so he went to college and became a nurse instead.  But since his distinct style garnered more attention and Keshi from his soundcloud established amount of fans, he finally has the guts to really pursue what makes him happy. So from nursing to his unusual rise, there’s no doubt that He really deserves all the praises thrown at him by his fans.

And of course, with his sultry-raw voice that absolutely underpinned Keshi’s style kept people coming back for more and waiting for his releases. With that being said, Keshi will soonest give a grand surprise regarding his album!

To give you more updates about it, well, stay tuned for his buzz! Don’t forget also to stream Keshi’s tracks on Spotify.


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