With millions of hits and duets on ‘Producer Man’ get to know Lyn Lapid who remains the sweetest kid with a shy smile!

From going viral for what seems like a diss-track to a producer offering singer Lyn Lapid a bad record deal and then eventually signing into a bigger and better deal; seems to me like we’ve got a lot to learn from this shy gal!


The 17-year-old, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter didn’t quite start off as a musician sending demos to recording companies. Starting her TikTok journey in October of 2019, Lyn Lapid regularly posted cover videos when finally fate gazed lovingly upon the teen and awarded her with an offer from a “big producer.”

But luck would not have it her way as the subject of “Producer Man” shortly after advising her to create music she’s not comfortable with releasing for the sake of getting as popular as she could, quickly. The young talent being the creative that she is, took to art and wrote a short song about the producer man which eventually got 50 Million views much prior to its official release and a record deal of a lifetime!

Finding joy in making music

In asking Lyn about her musical journey, the young talent reveals that after posting a few cover videos and growing her audience on TikTok, she had grown fond of releasing music that people liked.

Eventually, her fondness grew to eagerness as she yearned to jump into professional music producing and writing her own songs for the fanbase she had developed.

Making music relatable

A word Lyn Lapid used to describe her music would be relatable. The artist shares that it’s her passion to make music that people could relate to.”Lyrically–I really hope a lot of people could relate to the music that I write,” Lapid says.

The Success of ‘Producer Man’


The Filipina’s viral hit amassed 50 million views and counting, much to the surprise albeit absolute joy of Lyn. The surprise for the huge engagement stems from the fact that the song was supposedly a personal instance so when starting musicians reached out to her to share their own producer man story, she was delightfully surprised.

This is part and parcel of why creating relatable music is important for her because forging connections through music even though you’re very far apart is what music as a universal language is all about.

Future Successes

With regards to defining success in the future as a young artist, Lyn Lapid says that right now it would be cool to have more people tuning in to her songs. A testament to how truly pure a musical soul she is, just yearning to reach a larger audience to connect with musically.

Watch out for more releases from the petite Filipina reppin’ the big PH, with an even more massive talent! We’re rooting for you, Lyn!


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