It looks like the iconic song mashup is making a comeback this 2020 and we can’t be more excited!

[UPDATE] Good news, everyone! You can now start blast off the year away with some good music as Daniel Kim finally dropped the ‘Pop Danthology’ Decade Mashup today! But with a twist!

Well gone are the days when Daniel Kim still uses the original clips of the songs for his musical concoction. He decided to make his own video of him and his wife lip-syncing.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t seen the video, check it out right here:


On Wednesday, Daniel Kim, the creator of the song mashup we’ve all known and love, ‘Pop Danthology’, took it to Facebook to make this great announcement.

In case you didn’t know, Daniel’s ‘Pop Danthology’ songs started way back in 2012 and were released at the end of every year.

And here’s a little fun fact, “Danthology” wasn’t a real word until Daniel used it as reference for his works. Rather, ‘Pop Danthology’ is an “anthology” for American pop songs but Daniel decided to spice things up by adding the letter “d” about his name. How witty!

Sadly, it has been years since we last heard of the ‘Pop Danthology’. And now you’re probably asking, “Why did he stop making ‘Pop Danthology’ songs?” In 2017, he posted a video admitting he lost the passion in music. However, he did tell us that he won’t stop making them, rather, he would just create mashups every 10 years!

But worry not, since Daniel said that an “epic 10-year mashup” is in the works! So expect your 2019 to end with a bang! From 2010’s songs to recent tunes you’ll be surely flooded with nostalgia and a hint of mainstream groove.

So in preparation for next year’s ‘Pop Danthology’, here’s a little flashback Friday with some of his mashups:

2012 Pop Danthology

2013 Pop Danthology

2014 Pop Danthology


On Wednesday, Daniel Kim teased us with a trailer of his much-anticipated song mashup to sum up the year, ‘Pop Danthology 2020’ or ‘Pop Danthology Decade Mashup’! We get a preview of what’s coming to us very soon with hits from the 2010s and till recently! And we’re already having eargasms!

The 42-second clip not only shows our favorite pop songs throughout the decade but also Daniel Kim’s few sentiments to record labels when it comes to his ‘Pop Danthologies’.

Record companies hate him
They silenced him with takedowns and copyright strikes
He surrendered in defeat
Now after a long hiatus from his craft 
He has returned with renewed vigor
To make a comeback with his best mashup yet

And if you haven’t seen the teaser yet, catch it right here!

Anticipate the full version soon on December 3, 2019, 10 am (EST)!

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