The electro-pop, helmet-clad, French duo announces split 28 years after their debut.

Daft Punk, a duo composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo both hailing from France, announced the end of their longstanding partnership in the music industry much to the chagrin of the millions of fans they’ve amassed over almost 3 decades.


The duo announced their disbandment in true eclectic Daft Punk fashion, releasing an 8-minuter on Youtube entitled “Epilogue” which features the twosome in their robotronic fits being dramatic in the desert. Starting with the text “1993 – 2021” flashed on the screen, as if to denote their musical lifespan– It’s just epic. Watch it.

The outpouring of favorite Daft Punk mementos and anecdotes started spilling on global social media, keeping Daft Punk trending for the better part of 2 days. Chiming in on the farewell party are numerous co-artists and celebrities.

Various news outlets celebrated the iconic acts career by recalling events in recent years where Daft Punk absolutely blew peoples minds with their weirdness and their astounding ability to bring life to a party without uttering a single word.

The longstanding career of the two Daft Punk members began in France when they met at university and began producing music together in 1993. The two went on to create “Harder Better Faster Stronger” a song which was nominated for Best Dance Recording Grammy award in 2008 and skyrocketed Daft Punk to international stardom.

They solidified their legendary music in the global scene with their 2013 smash hit collaboration with Pharell Williams in “Get Lucky” which in turn bagged them the win for Grammy Record of the Year.

Lord knows though how much I–as I’m sure all fans do– hope that even in this Pandemic, they could maybe hold one final gigantic live show and name it “One More Time”. Maybe we could all wear our own robot helmets for safety’s and awesomeness’ sake. Nonetheless, I’m grateful to have been a witness to Daft Punk’s solid 28-year run. One that will truly be a bop, remembered by generations to come.

What was your favorite Daft Punk thing?

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