Fun Fact: Billy Crawford Sang the Original Pokemon Movie Theme Song

Fun Fact: Billy Crawford Sang the Original Pokemon Movie Theme Song

We might have stopped hearing new R&B bops from him, but we never forget his greatness. The internet is holding a receipt: a quick Google search on the celebrities who were once affiliated to the mega-hit franchise ‘Pokemon‘ would lead you to a mind-blowing piece of information that our very own Billy Crawford was one of them.

And no, he wasn’t just related to it. He was a crucial part of it. He is in the memory of every nineties kid who grew up with Ash and Pikachu. He may be the reason why, after more than two decades since the original Pokemon film launched, you’re still a carrier of the Last Song Syndrome (LSS) induced by its theme song. Well, Billie Joe Crawford is actually the voice singing the timeless Pokemon: The First Movie theme.

Billy, who was 17 at that time, was among the pool of global superstars tapped by Pokemon to perform its official soundtrack. In an interview with Hero Official PH, the Filipino-American singer, actor, and TV host was asked how his involvement with the massive media franchise came about. According to the ‘Bright Lights’ hitmaker, Pokemon just told his record company that they were on the lookout for an artist to sing its theme song, and he was the one they offered. The rest is history.

Not only that. The movie soundtrack of the first Pokemon film features a star-studded ensemble consisting of ’90s icons like Christina Aguilera (We’re A Miracle), Britney Spears (Soda Pop), and NSYNC (Somewhere, Someday), among many others. While this isn’t too shocking considering how Billy dominated the R&B scene in Europe when he was younger, the fact that his voice gave life to the anthem of Pokemon’s golden age can make you appreciate the man even more.

Pokemon is celebrating its 25th anniversary on February 27. To continue its tradition of teaming up with the biggest music artists, the year-long celebration will kick off with a virtual concert headlined by Post Malone, followed by a musical event called ‘P25 Music’ that will feature music performances by Katy Perry. I don’t know about you, but I would have preferred if they had chosen singers who have been associated with Pokemon before, instead of these names who were seemingly picked randomly and wouldn’t really resonate with the community(?).

Whatever. That’s probably just the tito inside me talking. Stream Filipina Girl by Billy Crawford, Marcus Davis, and James Reid. And don’t forget to be the very best, like no one ever was.

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