Miles Bondoc kicks-off new chapter by releasing his solo track!


With romantic nostalgic lyricism, Sayaw is one of the songs that we could listen while reminiscing the ‘getting to know each other’ stage in a relationship. After hearing him with his all-out punk rock fusion band MilesExperience, this time you will hear Miles Bondoc’s sultry voice along with Dana Cruz.

  “I started this project to challenge myself and to show a different side of my music. Going out of my comfort zone, tackling new challenges and playing with friends whom I wanted to play with for a very long time. Basically a Miles Bondoc outside of the whole rock and roll spectrum.” stated by Miles Bontoc.

According to Miles, the song was written when he was just hanging out with her girlfriend, Gabbie Castro. He was just fretting for a song and then her girlfriend started humming a melody that Miles eventually liked. Then, Gabbie started writing the lyrics for ‘Sayaw’ which really turned out great!

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“After she wrote the lyrics, I asked her what was she thinking while writing this. Gabbie said she was thinking of the days when we were still getting to know each other. Back to the days before we became a couple. And yes, it was one hell of a ride, hence the lyrics “Paikot ikot lang ba tayo, laro ba to o pang seryosohan?” Miles added.

This is definitely a go-to song for everyone who keeps on coming back full circle in their relationship. Moreover, stay tuned for more updates and you can stream Miles Bondoc’s latest track on Spotify too!


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