Gabba Santiago is transitioning from a band setup to a solo project

You may know him as one half of instrumental rock act Degs and Gabba (formerly Tom’s Story) and as one of the members of indie rock band Fools And Foes, but Gabba Santiago is ready to explore a new direction for his artistic vision and music-making.

Now known as his mononym Gabba, the Manila-based musician has released his first single as a solo artist titled ‘Puzzle’, which is also accompanied by a music video where viewers can see Gabba doing it all, taking on all the roles he used to do when he was in a band.

The main difference of this solo project from my past musical projects is that I get to see everything from a bigger, more zoomed-out perspective. In my past projects, I would really be focused and dialed in on what my role was. It was also refreshing to have the freedom to mix and match all the elements that I wanted to add with no restrictions.

On the story behind the song title, Gabba shared, “The time it took to create this song was also one of the reasons why I went with ‘Puzzle’ as the song title. I think some puzzles are built over a period of time. It’s a cycle. Because of that, the whole songwriting process was with me during different seasons of my life.”.

Coming from his different band projects, Gabba expressed how refreshing it is to have total control over where the music goes. “Basically, it’s like building a puzzle without knowing what it will look like at the end… It’s like creating a puzzle with unlimited pieces and no borders.”.

If you’re already curious about how ‘Puzzle’ sounds like, check out the music video below, co-directed by Gabba himself:

‘Puzzle’ is the first single from Gabba’s debut album which will be released in 2021.

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