Look into the reality of how fast a relationship or connection can end with Kean Cipriano’s Eye Contact music video.

Watching the music video of Kean Cipriano’s Eye Contact is like looking through a looking glass of reality. The truth about encounters that build to connections and relationship must seem like serendipitous. But in reality, it eventually fades away just like how it started.

Kean Cipriano has always been a highly regarded music icon. Not only because of being the frontman of Callalily. But also because of paving the way for new talents to rise to the occasion. Unlike the alternative rock tunes of Callalily, he shows a mellow tune as a solo artist. According to Kean himself, he doesn’t intend to compromise in creating music. Thus, his solo music reflects his genuine and authentic self.

Eye Contact music video

The music video seems quite simple. But the message of the video goes way beyond its simplicity. Well-crafted as expected, the colors used displays psychedelic textures that portrays the giddy feeling of meeting someone new. There’s this sensual atmosphere in the music video. And the whole vibe portrays the reality of how usual encounters happen. When you lock eyes with a person you just met, there’s this excitement that calls you. True, we can’t get enough of the feeling by just one eye contact.

Things would progress but despite the satisfaction you get from it, you know it will eventually end. There will always be that itching feeling that things would go south sometime soon. Because it’s nothing more than a fleeting relationship. Sometimes, it’s just not meant to last.

Harsh, if you ask me. But that’s the reality. And Kean Cipriano captured that reality, not as a cautionary tale but a reflection of how some relationships can be.

Anyway, be sure to stream Eye Contact by Kean Cipriano on Spotify!

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