Wanting to stay single to enjoy the perks of independence while also wishing for someone to cure you of loneliness is a pretty common struggle among Gen Z’s like me. To prove my case, go on Twitter, click the trending hashtag #LandiinNiyoNaAko, and check out the waves of tweets from thousands of young people, brimming with yearning, thirst, and the strong desire to finally have someone come by and scrape off that NBSB/NGSB label you’ve carried all throughout your life.

Well, we can put the blame for the collective kalat on this up-and-coming artist who goes by the name Eugene Layug. By releasing the ultimate simp anthem called ‘Landiin Niyo Na Ako’, this young lad from O/C Records caused an uproar joined by single-and-ready-to-mingle individuals, basically screaming, “Yeah, this song!”

A steady, groovy track built with funky guitar and crawling bassline, Eugene Layug hilariously takes listeners to the inner workings of simping.

Entertaining and painfully relatable, the lyrics are shameless revelations of the great lengths someone can go to advertise themselves to potential suitors. The line “Wala bang lalandi diyan?” is repeated throughout the song, each time ending with a reason why someone should heed the call– reasons like paying someone’s bills and buying their father a bottle of gin. Let’s not even go to that part when the singer says, “Parang awa niyo na, ‘Diyos ko.” Talk about desperation.

There are already so many songs about setting aside your fears and shooting your shot at romance, but I have never heard one with such blunt honesty about it, not until today. Whether the lyrics were meant to be exaggerated for artistic purposes or that’s the level of simping the songwriter commits in real life, the effect they have on me is the same: I feel strangely empowered to fully embrace my inner landi, which is something I only show to my carefully chosen close friends and not to people who are supposed to see them, a.k.a. the people I’ve taken interested in. And I’m sure, with over 11.5k #LandiinNiyoNaAko tweets as of this writing, most of my fellow singles feel the same.

Check out the song down below, and of course, don’t hesitate to post it on your wall in case someone else is on the hunt for a person to make landi with.


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