Last SONIK Philippines, we were able to discover more local musicians. One of them is Thea, a band from Davao City.

Attending the first ever music conference and festival in the country, SONIK Philippines, is really one hell of an experience. Because of it, we were able to learn more about what goes in and out the music industry, and we discovered new local musicians which Filipinos should know more about. One of them is a band hailing from Davao City named ‘Thea’.

Check out our Music Dive interview with them below.

What we know about them

Thea (pronounced as [thi-ya]) is a Folk Fusion band from Davao City which consists of 5 members. Leading them is the amazing vocalist and ukeleleist, Thea Pitogo. Along her are Ronald Tubio playing guitars and second vocals, Paul Jaso for the bass, Darryl Tingzon on the keyboard, and Jasfer Pala on drums.


Photo taken from the official Facebook page of Thea

So far, they have one EP album titled ‘Woes and Phantoms’ which they have released last year, and three singles titled ‘Sa Kwarto’, ‘Couple Grams’, and ‘Last Serenade’. Fortunately, we were able to hear some of their songs live, and we just want to say that they are really amazing!

The band is energetic and we can see the passion of the vocalist while performing. Moreover, Thea’s vocals are really powerful! Check out their Spotify playlist for their debut album below.

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Among those tracks above, we could say that our personal favorite is ‘Liko Liko’. We love how it sounds really strong, taking the song’s impact even higher.

Four months ago, they have also released a music video for their song, ‘Woes and Phantoms’, on YouTube. Watch it below and see the wonderful concept and cinematography that the video has. More importantly, listen to how good their music is.

Thea is a band that more Filipinos should know of. Moreover, supporting them could help bridge the OPM industry even further. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao — we should enjoy everybody’s music and support the talents that the country has.

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