“What Do You Mean” co-writer Poo Bear and Skrillex has released their new EDM song “Would You Ever” with a music video. The chill track (with surprisingly clear lyric vocals) is also available for streaming on Spotify.

Skrillex’s usual hardstyle dubstep trademark for his songs is not really evident in this new track, which also marks Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd’s debut as a solo-artist. The “Would You Ever” music video also features the two hanging out at a beach plus a guy who dances while riding a longboard on a long highway.

Poo Bear is also known for co-writing “Where Are Ü Now” for Diplo and Skrillex’s collaboration in 2015. Seems like he’s already off to a good start!

Skrillex has been doing a lot of collabs lately. One of the most popular dubstep tracks he made in 2016 was “Purple Lamborghini” with Rick Ross for the DC film “Suicide Squad.”

Skrillex hasn’t released a solo EP for a couple of years now. His last notable one was “Recess” in 2014. He still shows up at clubs and some small music festivals like the recent one at Hilton Palm Springs.

Poo Bear most likely influenced the direction of the song, which is still within Skrillex’s genre. “Would You Ever” actually sounds similar to “With You, Friends (Long Drive)” which was one of the latter’s earlier releases.

Skrillex and Poo Bear’s new track also has a music video which features the two chilling out near a beach. Personally, I think the track is not one of Skrillex’s best. However, it shows his maturity and diversity of his musical genius.

Can we expect more original tracks from Poo Bear? Absolutely. He has been collaborating with artists in the previous months and it’s about time for him to dish out his own tracks.

Skrillex could continue helping out artists, but I’d really like to hear an original solo track from him too. I won’t care if it’s a head-banger or just another chillstep track.

What do you think of “Would You Ever”?