Why You Should Absolutely Listen To indie R&B duo allen&elle

If you’re looking for new OPM artists to follow, dive into the sound of another Soul and R&B duo, allen&elle!

Filipinos do really need to be exposed a lot more to other varieties of OPM. With that being said, U DO U found another gem and we greatly recommend to you all to this duo!

If case you haven’t heard about them yet, allen&elle are a Filipino duo who create Soul, Gospel, and R&B music. They started collaborating and performing together in their second year of college (2016), and began establishing themselves as a duo in February 2019.

To tell you, they aren’t just slating stages just to let people hear their genre but mostly to share God through their music and radiate love in every best possible way. You can hear their voices pouring out tunes of pure lyricism which contrast their powerful vocals. 

You can check out their ‘So be it’ single below!

Of course, the duo also released another songs like Rest and Ruby. Rest is their debut release which was included in more than 10 playlists worldwide and now has more than 100k streams. ThSet featured imagee song conveys a profound meaning of love which really comes in many types or forms. Perhaps, receive that love from someone, which gives us happiness, comfort, and rest. But for them, it is God’s love that brings us that rest and we are sure that there is someone or something that also gives you that rest.

After releasing their successful single track, Ruby poured on digital platforms that represents every woman in this world. According to the duo, it reflects a woman who walks with strength, dignity, wisdom, and love, no matter what her role in life is. She exemplifies beauty and kindness, and doesn’t need validation from others. For them, women are like Ruby, who are a gift from above.

Why ‘allen&elle’?

Many of us might wonder why the duo chose this as their screen name and to tell you, it has a grandiose meaning that we should know. So, ‘allen&elle’ derive from the meanings of  “harmony” in Celtic (allen) and “her” in French (elle). If both of their names combined together, it will be ‘harmony in her’ which really reflects to the craft of the duo, right?  Moreover,  the duo believes in the power of harmony and soul in music. For them, it brings out a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions to people.

Whats’ more, the duo has also been performing locally, which include playing in notable events like Fête de la Musique, One Music Ph, Coke Studio Music Festival, and even made it as a finalist in the last San Miguel Wanderbattle Finals in Cebu (2020). And obviously, we can’t wait for their next live performances after this social distancing!

Overall, we really love the utterly captivating tracks of the Duo and it’s refreshing how our OPM is currently evolving by just being themselves. It’s also a heads up for the duo as they continue in patterning verses with their particular respective stand. So thank you, allen&elle for bringing us comfort in your music!
Let’s support them by streaming their tracks on Spotify too!

So what did you think of the up-and-coming R&B duo, allen&elle?

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