Up for some great tunes? We are, too! And don’t worry, we made sure we have your weekly dose of good music. Here are our top 5 OPM artists for this week!

Whether you’re at work, at school, or just chilling at home, good music is essential! We’re all total music lovers here, right?! And we’ve got just the right artists to accompany your days this week!

1. Munimuni

Feeling a little down lately? Munimuni is sure to give you your dose of inspiration for this week! this band has a knack for giving us inspirational life bits and hitting us deep with their music. Not only will you enjoy the great quality of their instrumentation and vocals, but you’d also learn something from their songs. and who doesn’t want that?

Lucky for you, they just recently released an album called ‘Kulayan Natin‘. And quite fittingly, it gives color to the world of whoever listens to it. The message is clear: we can brighten up our worlds with just the smallest bit of happiness and kindness to other people, and that’s how you know you’re living life to the fullest. Stream this and their other songs on Spotify!

2. Frizzle Anne

Frizzle Anne is one of the artists you might want to watch out for. Signed under O/C Records, she is starting to make a wave in the Pinoy music scene! Her music is also very chill and is perfect for the weather. Not to mention her voice that haunts you!

Her first single on Spotify is ‘Di Para Sakin‘ and she just released her next single,

‘Pwede Ba?’. And if you’re one of the hopeless romantics who fell in love with someone who can never be yours, this song is perfect for you! Despite its tunes, the meaning behind it is a stab to the heart! Check it out on Spotify!

3. The Metro Fantastic

We all can be up for some groovy music sometimes. After all, we need a break from all the moping! And when the going gets tough, we dance it out. The Metro Fantastic gives you your perfect good vibe, to-dance-to type of music! The band was formed years ago, but we can say it only added to their oomph factor! An old band with a new sound, as they like to call themselves!

My favorite song of them would have to be ‘Tiger‘! It’s a song about how your own feet betray you and you just dance! When you listen to it, it makes you want to leave all your inhibitions and leave everything to chance. Check ‘Tiger’ out along with their other singles on Spotify!

4. The Bed Bites

If you’re up for some chill music, The Bed Bites is definitely a good choice! Similar to their name, the lyrics of their song can really bite into your emotions. I guess we can all agree that they’re the perfect rainy day choice of music! And within less than a year, the band has already graced us with three beautiful singles!

My favorite The Bed Bites song so far is ‘Celeste‘. It talks about longing for someone so much that even just seeing their smile would be enough to make you happy! Have you ever missed someone that much? Me too! Definitely listen to their songs on Spotify!

5. Takipsilim

Takipsilim is an up and coming band formed from a school project. And despite their age, they have smitten our hearts with the kind of music they are making! It’s amazing how they already cultivated their talents at a very young age. This only makes it more exciting to listen to their music!

Takipsilim offers us a youthful yet realistic view on love with their first single called ‘Lalayo‘. And trust us, this is definitely a game-changer! This song talks about staying together through thick and thin, and no matter how bad things get. Romantic? Definitely! Check the song out on Spotify!

Some of these bands are new to the scene, some are just seasoned with time! But it doesn’t deny the fact that all of them are very great artists in each of their own fashion. What can you say about our top5 OPM artists? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.