There’s no denying that there is no scarcity of good musicians in the Philippines.

In fact, here at U Do U, we admittedly still have a lot of good artists to discover. After all, a various ton of good music is still just waiting to be found. Along with you guys, let’s strive to look for more of them in order to support and boost the country’s music industry even further.

With that being said, here are our Weekly Top 5 Artists, which are some OPM bands that you might like!

Read on below to know more about them!

1. Brisom

Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists: Brisom

Photo from Brisom’s official Facebook page

If you are looking for some modern OPM songs infused with that funky 80s retro synthwave vibe, then Brisom is the band that you are looking for! Formed 6 years ago in 2013, this four-piece soulful band is hailing from the capital of the country, Manila.

When you listen Brisom‘s music, you can actually kind of imagine them playing for the famous series Stranger Things. Some of their more popular songs are a rendition of the classic ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko’ and their original ‘Balewala’.

Check them out on Spotify below!

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2. The Espasouls

Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists: The Espasouls

Photo from The Espasouls’ official Facebook page

According to their logo, The Espasouls is a band made of Groove, Spice, and Everything Nice. Moreover, they are a soul collective with a funky, jazzy, groovy blues sound.

They often play live, slaying their sets in special stages often dedicated to nights of blues and soul. They don’t have an official YouTube account or Spotify yet, but some of their songs are on Soundcloud. Check their tracks by clicking here.

Meanwhile, watch their take on some 90s music below as they perform a groovy and heavenly medley set of songs.

Based on the video above, they are just otherworldly. Those 10 minutes were literally music to our ears! We just can’t wait to see The Espasouls live in one of their performances.

3. Giniling Festival

Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists: Giniling Festival

Self-proclaimed as the ‘Most Dangerous Band in the Philippines’, Giniling Festival perfectly looks the part. Based on the photo above, they all really seem badass! Moreover, their music itself is badass.

Categorized under heavy metal, most of Giniling Festival‘s songs really make us head-bang until our necks hurt.  Check out their top tracks on Spotify below.

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Among those that we heard so far, ‘Bidjokol’ is our favorite!

4. EAAASYWeekly Top 5 OPM Artists: EAAASY

If you are looking for more rock music to listen to, you should check out EAAASY! We have listened to their latest drop ‘Lunatiko’ last time, and we really liked their song! Formed with 6 members, they started making music in 2016.

Honestly, our personal favorite is ‘Baler’! Listen to their top tracks below.

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5. Cheats

Cheats is an 8-piece feisty band with upbeat, celebratory music. Moreover, they can easily be identified by the beautiful harmonies that their two female vocalists create. Formed in 2013, the band got its name from the group’s collective love for video games.

We have listened to some of their releases before, such as ‘Subdivision’ and ‘Milk’. You should also consider checking out their music! The Spotify playlist for their top tracks is just down below.

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Did you enjoy our list for the Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists? Support them artists and give their tracks a listen!

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