It’s easy to overlook how impressive OPM can be. But there’s nothing shocking about it because our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists proves OPM’s greatness!

Every day, OPM serves us with more unique music beyond our imagination. Gone are the days that we are stuck inside the conventions of music. Because every musician, every artist seems to be a trailblazer of their own.

So we’ve checked out a few of local artists to be added to our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists. And yes, they’re on the rise giving the best and unique sound we’ve ever heard!


Rising stars with concrete hopes and dreams, SB19 breaks through the local music scene with a new genre in hand. As the first-ever P-pop artist, as what they call themselves, their music is a breath of fresh air amidst the pop songs, ballads, and rock tunes! Despite being heavily influenced by Kpop music, they still include a certain Filipino flair in their tracks. Especially within their themes and lyrics.

Go Up‘ by SB19 skyrocketed overnight and has now reached outside the country so you should check it out! It’s an inspiring bop worth listening, dancing and singing to.

Beyond Expression

Old souls as they would themselves, Beyond Expressions goes beyond their years. These 4 young men brave the local music scene with their unique sound: a mishmash of blues, ballad, jazz and rock and roll! An odd combination but somehow works to their advantage.

They initially started our performing for the elderly of Golden Acres, thus, the oldies music vibe and aesthetic. But from there, they developed it to a unique sound they can call their own. One notable track with their signature oldies flair is ‘Parang Tayo Pero Hindi’.

Keane Trinity

Keane Trinity serves us relaxing tunes of funk and soul. There’s a bit of scarcity in visibility for that kind of music. But they try to bring the best of it to the people and showcase the beauty of it. They might be just a 3-man band but their sound is as solid an complete as any other.

You can check out their current releases, ‘Lazy Day and Siga‘ which shows two sides of the band. A chill-sounding one and an angsty persona too.

Basically Saturday Night

Contrasting to their upbeat tunes, Basically Saturday Night speaks of stories about celebrating youth, inner demons, individuality, and self-discovery. The 5 man boogie fusion band is the perfect pick for whenever, wherever. Be it your late night drives, resounding solitary moments or just walking down the street. You’d get the feeling like it’s Saturday night all over again.

Be sure to check out their wonderful collection of songs that burst with meaty guitar riffs and bouncing basslines. Basically Saturday Night is on Spotify, y’all!

Purples N’ Oranges

This blues and neo soul outfit might be under the radar but they sure do have great music worth discovering. Bright and exuberant, Purples n’ Oranges creates charming lyrics that perfectly compliment their instrumentals. Their vivid storytelling is their strongest point, aside from the bopping arrangement of every song.

Don’t forget to check out Purples n’ Oranges on Spotify and see for yourself how awesome they are.

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