Forget what the critics say because OPM ain’t dead. And our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists proves that it’s pretty much alive and kicking!

A few years back, we’ve heard people declare that OPM is dead. Especially with the continuous rise of international mainstream music. But despite those reiterations, we never lost love for OPM. And just when people thought it had been dismantled, it came back rising. Stronger, better, bolder. OPM never died. Just so you guys know.

And our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists proves that OPM’s just getting started.


If you’re looking to rekindle your love for alternative rock, then this four-piece alt-rock outfit can be your go-to. Wordsworth presents a fresh new sound of alt-rock—with much more grit and emotional, deep-seated lyrics. Sometimes, it’s about romance, sometimes it’s about human emotions at its rawness. But no matter how different the stories they tell, their music makes it awesome nonetheless.

They aren’t on Spotify yet but you can check out their songs, like ‘Ruins’ on Youtube!

Mt. Lewis

Drown yourself in sentimental funk and blues with the tunes of Mt. Lewis. All the way from Angeles City, the five-man band bathes you in their bittersweet songs, a fusion of blues, soul, and funk. Despite the slow and somber melody, you definitely won’t get bored by it. Instead, you’d find yourself swallowed wholly by the crisp songs lulling you to deep relaxation.

Their notable song this year, ‘Bitin’ perfectly captures the essence of the band. So be sure to give a go because ‘Bitin’ by Mt. Lewis is out on Spotify!

Crown of Thorns

Down to earth and headstrong, Crown of Thorns has shown resilience and integrity as an iconic indie band in the local scene. The six-piece rock band has been rising through the ranks and have been one of the biggest driving forces of indie rock for so long.

If they fit your music taste, have a go of their songs ‘Eroplano’ and ‘Mklppd “Mahal Ka Lang Pag Payday”‘ on Spotify!


Romantic, enchanting and awe-inspiring, Coeli brings forth sunshine in each and every song. Her music, as she calls it, is experimental folk with a tinge of acoustic flair. Sometimes, she even incorporates other instrumental accompaniments like the cello. But what sets her apart is how inspiring and uplifting her songs can be. She might be a diamond in the rough but she’s one heck of a musician worth listening to.

You can check out Coeli’s songs in Spotify!

Elle Sebastian

And another indie darling, Elle Sebastian shows off the beauty of classic ballad and love songs. With her husky and dynamic voice, it feels like she’s drawing out heavy emotions from the very depths of your heart.

So if you’re looking for something new to freshen up your playlist and awaken slumbering feelings, then you can go ahead and check out Elle Sebastian on Spotify!

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