Reshaping the local music scene with their exceptional sound, our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists take the lead in showing that music has no boundaries!

The local music scene is an ever-changing battleground. Every day, we hear something new, something different from every artist we hear. Either they have the same genre or music influence, somehow they deliver a unique sound that sets them apart from one another. And that is nothing but impressive and beautiful. So here’s our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists!

Bullet Dumas

No boundaries, no conventions, Bullet Dumas follows his heart in making music. Disregarding the labels, he believes that you are what music you make. No genre can define nor cage your artistic elements, according to him. And his ideals reflect in every song that he releases. The depth of the lyrics, the odd rhythms, and the broad sound. Indeed, he’s bound to break those norms.

Among the notable songs that speak for himself is ‘Put to Waste’. It’s a mix of Filipino and English lyrics which somehow works to his advantage. Just goes to show that there are uncharted territories worth seeking out.

Dane Hipolito

Despite being inactive for quite some time, Dane Hipolito works wonders to the heart. He never reiterated what genre he planned to pursue, but it was quite evident the influence of pop and ballad in his songs. Frankly, aside from his versatile and charming, his songwriting skills doesn’t get left behind as well.

He collaborated with a fellow solo artist, Keiko Necesario a year ago to produce the track, ‘Slide’. One a side note, ‘Hiwaga’ is another notable song of his!

Miss Ramonne

A hidden gem in the midst of the blooming music scene, Miss Ramonne takes flight as a soul and RnB singer-songwriter. You’ve probably seen her on The Voice as a top contender under the banner of rock icon Bamboo himself. Aside from taking inspiration from seasoned OPM artists, she takes influence as well from Beyoncé and Alicia Keys.

Her songs vary from one another. But it shows her versatility and playfulness as an artist. All of them you can relate and resonate at a certain level.


The year-old all-female band, Talya, dishes a new yet familiar sound of pop-rock. Even just for being active for a year, they’ve shown a great deal of progress, especially with the release of their latest single, ‘Ano Ba Tayo?‘.

They haven’t announced anything yet that will follow their recent single. But there’s no mistake that they will be making good music in the future. Definitely worth the wait.

Color The Era

The two-man band, Color The Era indeed aims to paint the town red. There’s so much to learn about them but so far, they remain a mystery to everyone. But despite that, their familiar alternative rock tunes send you back home.

Their first single, ‘Hanggang Kailan‘ reeks of classic OPM textures. The hit of nostalgia in every note makes it better than ever.

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