Looking for a fresh new palette to wash down mainstream music down your system? We got you with our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists!

As the month of August comes to an end, we’re ready to refresh our playlist for a new set of sound and tunes. With our favorite local OPM artists, switching up our music selections won’t be drag. Because you’re definitely in for a treat!

Earl Generao

Taking influence from iconic music icons like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, Earl Generao offers a wide range of songs to choose from. Another enigma from O/C Records, he goes beyond mixing it up, creating good music. With a dash of pop, folk-pop and alternative rock, Earl shows off that he’s not a one-trick pony. And he definitely isn’t one.

He hasn’t released a full album yet but he has a few singles up on Spotify. His latest single ‘Puro Ka Hugot‘ berates the habit of drawing out emotions from almost everything in life and relating it to romance. Definitely, not your typical love song.

syd hartha

From a Youtuber cover singer sensation to a fully-pledged artist, syd hartha blows us away with her poetic ballads. In just a year of being active in the music scene, she already has three songs released on Spotify. And she definitely ain’t your typical singer-songwriter because she goes beyond the love songs.

Her latest single, ‘Ayaw‘ breaks the stigma of positive and subtle rejection coming from women. It talks about the blind entitlement of men towards women that results in sexual harassment and rape. Indeed, it was a bold move from her because it’s nothing but an anthem for women empowerment.

The Ridleys

An alternative folk band, The Ridleys offers a soothing tune of playful positivity and innocence about love and life. To start with, most of us became desensitized by painful, ugly-cry inducing songs. Compared to those songs, their songs bring us back to our naive phase. Hopelessly romantic, oddly positive and innocent about what to come.

Among their favored songs is ‘Aphrodite’. It perfectly captures the vibe of the band, showing off their playful personalities.

Any Name’s Okay

A collective with alternative pop-rock tunes, Any Name’s Okay opens your doors to new melodic compositions. They have harmonies that will get stuck in your head. Unlike other musicians, they exhibit softer and light feels. Creating perfect feel-good songs for rough days.

In case you haven’t heard of their music, then you better should. They have a good number of songs in store. Particularly, their latest single, ‘Orasan‘. So if you like somber, solemn music about love and the luxury of time against you, then check it out.

Unique Salonga

And last but not the least, O/C Records’ star, Unique Salonga. A force to reckon with, he shines the brightest among his peers. Despite being an enigma and a man of few words, Unique proves himself, time and time again, a man full of thoughts with his songs.

His latest singles, ‘Lamang Lupa‘ and ‘Bukod-Tangi‘ explores one’s individuality. And of course, pondering about life’s mysteries itself. Behind the eccentric colors and upbeat tempo, the lyricism goes way beyond of what we hear. It just goes to show that Unique himself is way ahead of his time.

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