In less than 12 hours, tickets for Ebe Dancel’s concert with The Manila String Machine are already sold out!

We’ve said this over and over again: Filipinos really love music. So when they already know a musician for long enough, they would give their immense support for sure. So speaking of this, with Ebe Dancel celebrating his 20 years in the music scene, it is not surprising that tickets for his first major concert would immediately be sold out.

Check out his announcement through a Facebook post on his official page below.

Honestly, he really deserves all the support that he is getting. Being a great contributor to the Filipino music industry, Ebe Dancel is just really an iconic household name by now.

20 Years in the Scene, 20 Years of Beautiful Music

As you can see with the poster that he has attached in his FB post, Ebe Dancel will be having a concert with The Manila String Machine next year. Amazingly, it will happen on the once-in-every-four-years leap day, February 29, 2020. The concert signifies his 20 years of memories within the music industry, starting from his early years with Sugarfree up to his performances in the present as a solo artist.

Unfortunately though, tickets for the concert are already sold out. But with fans are currently clamoring for a Day 2, it may be possible that it could be pushed through. Who knows? After all, it’s Ebe Dancel’s celebration of his music along with his fans.

Ebe Dancel

Photo of Ebe Dancel, taken from

This upcoming concert is also the culmination of Dancel’s anniversary celebration. It started with the Sugarfree tribute shows that happened last October 15 and 31. Another milestone being celebrated was the anniversary of ‘Entablado‘, the musician’s cafe in Laguna which opened last year on October 24.

If you missed those, the good news is that Dancel will also be launching his new merch at a gig on November 22 at Conspiracy Garden Cafe. You could get the chance to watch him perform! Moreover, you could win the newly designed t-shirt by simply joining a contest that would apparently happen this month.

For more details and updates on this contest and on Ebe Dancel’s merch, gigs, and upcoming concert, just check out and like his official Facebook page by clicking here.

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