For this Encore Feature, we are all about Keiko Necesario! She’s our very own Pinay T-Swift, as some of you love to call her.

Why would we call Keiko Necesario the Filipina T Swift, you ask? Let’s see, she’s a sweet and sensible girl with a hint of ‘badassery‘.  She’s got the T-Swift vibe with her soft yet amazing voice—literally taking you back to an era of love letters and roses. Ever since she was younger, she’s always been a passionate music sweetheart, and, well, her eyebrows are always on fleek!

And did we mention, she’s not just a music talent, but she’s also fabulously fashionable!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Keiko Necesario is quite the inspiration to us when she composed her song: ‘3 AM’, which was actually covered sung by Marie Digby!

(Not to mention, she also likes looking at the clock for her compositions. Another very Taylor Swift trait, if you notice.)

She’s a terrific Taurus!

Born on March 24, our girl Keiko is hardworking, passionate and stylish. She’s got the earthly charm that we all adore! We fans are crazy about her!

Exhibit C:

We just love how she jams with us online!

It’s so sweet how she dedicates even a minute of her time to jam with us fans!

Yes we do, Keiko! It’s you!

This is the KEIKO NECESARIO playlist you don’t wanna miss!

Get non-stop loop on Keiko’s songs! Who knows, you might get inspired to pick up the guitar and sing along!

She’s also on Souncloud, BTW!

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