We can all admit that it’a definitely hard to make it big in music, but now there are more opportunities than ever before. With tools like SoundCloud, you can easily upload your music, follow other people who are uploading theirs, and connect with other artists. Soundcloud has been a platform for young musicians to get started and promote their music. So it’s no surprise that some successful local artists got started through this online site.


This Manila rapper rose to the local rap scene when he made waves with the release of his debut LP Third Culture Kid, an 11-track document that boldly projects his arrival through a self-assured sound and socially conscious lyrics. But before all the recognition, NINNO Rodriguez started out publishing his tracks in soundcloud, where his following eventually grew.


Mito Fabie, aka rapper Curtismith, is already leading the movement in modern Filipino hip-hop. Curtismith has released his EP Soully, Yours, containing collaborations with the likes of local artists Kiana Valenciano and Sam Concepcion. He’s sung it in major music festivals like Wanderland and Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. Before his skyrocketing success reached its peak, Young Mito Fabie turned to soundcloud to establish himself as one of the most sought out young rappers today.


What began as a bedroom beats project, King Puntespina aka CRWN is now making waves all over the music scene as a fine example of what it means to combine classical sounds with modern techniques. Known for his collaboration with Jess Connelly who released a new EP called ‘How I Love’. Within two weeks, the EP has already hit the 50k mark on Soundcloud and is still available for free download, before it gets published on other music platforms such as iTunes, Bandcamp or Spotify within this month.

SoundCloud has revolutionized the way the music industry operates. It’s a platform to hear the latest music of local artists before it gets published in the mainstream, even if that’s just Spotify or iTunes.

It’s more than just a place to discover upcoming and indie artists – it’s also a home for kids recording in their bedroom, aspiring rappers and musicians, and multi-platinum recording artists alike.