Lil Peep, a 20 year old rapper named Gustav Ahr, recently dropped a new single entitled “The Bright Side”. This would be a part of his debut album “Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One),” that is set to be released on August 11.

Peep’s music mainly contains theme of suicide, heartbreaks, and drugs. He is heavily influenced by My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco.

The Future of Emo?

Remember your Emo days? Yeah, that time when one sided bangs, heavy eyeliner and checkered vans was a constant thing that you see in the street. How about Emo music? *Cue the ‘Black Parade’ piano intro* The depressing lyrics paired with melancholic guitars will sure darken up your mood.

Well, it seems like the genre has its “future” now.

Pitchfork first named Lil Peep “the future of emo” as he is “combining themes of suicide and revenge with trap drums and scraggly guitars” and reinvented the genre for this generation.

Wait, what?

If you’re asking yourself who the hell is Lil Peep and how did a rapper became the future of emo, we’re on the same boat. Upon looking him up though, I found out he’s not actually ignorant about the genre. He sampled Underoath’s “Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear” in his song “Hellboy'” and also Brand New’s “The No Seatbelt Song” in “Crybaby” among others.


I’ve listened to his single, and music-wise, the first 15 seconds sounded what I expected it to be, which is emo-like. Then the trap beat comes on… and I think “this is not emo but it isn’t bad either.”

When it comes to the lyrics… I think it’s a bit too emo that it sounded like he’s trying too hard to be emo.

Everybody telling me life’s short, but I wanna die.

It’s a bit over the top if you ask me. His music is quite fine. It’s just that maybe he’s trying to live up to the expectation of being the future of emo that it is becoming too much of a conscious effort to be one.

But that’s just me. Listen to Lil Peep’s track below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Also, excuse me while I listen to MCR and Taking Back Sunday.