ENCORE FEATURE: She’s Coming Home Band

Staying true to their colors, She’s Coming Home brings back the alternative music nostalgia that we’ve all missed in childhood.

You’d have to kiss frogs before you find your prince charming. And that’s what basically sums up the history of She’s Coming Home. A 5-man alternative band formed in 2015, She’s Coming Home took refuge in music to escape the mundane and wearisome wheels of life.

She’s Coming Home is composed of the brothers Robert Besana, the lead guitarist, Vladimir Besana, their bassist and their niece Karla Lopez on vocals. Aside from them, they also have Ron Padilla on rhythm guitar and keyboard and Jeariel Mira on drums. The band’s name has its own meaning. “She” refers to the band members. While “home” refers to music. The play of words in their band name refers to their overall passion for music. Before everything else, they were just individuals with no concrete plans on making a career out of music. They’ve sojourned different paths before they met each other. And even now, they have their own personal life to deal with outside their music career. But despite all of those things, at the end of the day, they all come back. They all come home to music. Thus, She’s Coming Home.

How They All Came Home

Way back 2000’s, Robert and Vladimir started playing music together as teenagers. You can say it was the first time the band was formed, though they don’t have concrete plans on starting one, yet. The brothers, being musically-inclined, started playing instruments during their leisure time. It became their usual routine. Technically not just a habit but something they look forward to every after school, during summer and during holidays too. Whenever they the chance to, they’d spend their day with their instruments in hand just to play or create music. While all of them tried their luck in other bands, they just didn’t find their zone, more or less, their home. Then, later on, they decided to take a breather from their self-discovery.

But the brothers discovered Karla, their niece, a spark of hope in the band movement rekindled. They found themselves diving once again to fulfilling the band that has been long overdue. Jeariel replaced the original drummer who left. While Karla writes the songs, he helped the band produce it last 2017 and that’s when She’s Coming Home officially started. On the other hand, Ron is the newest member of the group who joined last December 2018.

Indeed, it took them how many years to officially realize the band and create their own music. And now, after all the hardships and roads they traversed, She’s Coming Home is now signed with Warner Music Philippines.

The music they come home to

Members of She’s Coming Home all have different music tastes. They all listen to different artists and has their own preferences when it comes to influences. But they all have their common ground; alternative sound. They’re more of an alternative fun outfit, with that lazy percussions and beats with sexy overtones all over. Their songs are heavily inspired by Karla’s life experiences and emotions. Instead of going for a deep and dark take like most bands, She’s Coming Home makes it a tad lighted yet still alluring to the ears.

Like most artists in the local music scene, She’s Coming Home bases their songs in their real-life experiences. But instead of sticking to one alternative sound, they use different flavors to spice up their music like blues and funk. Karla’s husky yet seductive voice paired with the kind of music they make is a match made in heaven. It’s a stimulating and risqué kind of music that you don’t always hear. So if you’re tired of the usual bops of pop or the slams of rock or the high notes of ballads, then She’s Coming Home lets you wash it with down with their own music.


There’s some kind of pleasure

Seeing you from afar

It’s like finding a treasure

Buried deep down

‘Pleasure’ highlights the feeling of waiting for someone despite all the odds against it. It sounds a bit masochistic at first but if you think about it, we’ve probably experienced it sometime in our life. Probably, we’ve admired someone from afar and tried to make advances but failed to. Yet there’s this bittersweet pleasure of knowing that that person knows about it despite not acknowledging it fully. It can be just a harmless crush or a deep romantic antic for someone. The tone of the song is sexy and definitely alluring. But the songwriting is superb as well. It isn’t that too dark nor too light. It’s just right. And you can definitely tell that everyone can really enjoy this kind of music.

Words to live by

Always give your 100%. That’s the parting words of She’s Coming Home for everyone who’s just starting in their music career. You always have your passion and your talent for music. It’s what gets you by every single day. It’s what fuels you to make great music. And it makes everything else a bit less stressful and more rewarding when you pour your heart out for something. But you’ll always have to make that extra effort. Every step of the way counts. And the music industry is a serious and unpredictable business that can be both rewarding and punishing at the same time. So never let your passion for music waver, put yourself out there and d your best. All hard work will eventually pay off.

You might feel like giving up. Or time might get harder than you thought. But never stop. Look at She’s Coming Home. It took them a while to recuperate themselves but now, they’re making a name for themselves. It will all pay off eventually.

Juicy tidbits about She’s Coming Home

Apparently, despite their calm, cool and collected music, She’s Coming Home members are quirky and fun themselves!

Karla may seem a sophisticated chic with the music writing and cold vocals, she loves to listen to Korean Hip Hop and Kpop music! Aside from that, she also paints and draws during her spare time.

Robert, aside from being a musician at heart, he’s also a successful painter. And he loves drinking craft beer, as early as 10 AM. (Wow!)

Vladimir, on the other hand, loves watching crime document videos and series. He also knows a lot of stories about serial killers. (Sounds sketchy, ya think?) But hey, he collects scale models of Gundam. A man of culture he is.

While Ron, he enjoys making hip-hop beats. Now, we know who comes up with the amazing beats for their songs! And he only, only uses Sunsilk Shampoo for his long hair. Talk about loyalty and commitment!

And last but not least, Jeariel is a hardcore biker. He’s also into fixed gear cycling (someone’s athletic!). And he has two pet cats, one’s a Persian cat while the other is a mix of Persian and Russian Blue.

So far, She’s Coming Home is yet to release more singles this coming year, aside from their usual performances and gigs. They will be releasing their latest single ‘Kahit Saglit’ through Warner Music Philippines soon! It’s a song about coming home from different paths. While one person wants to rekindle the relationship, the other one doesn’t want to anymore. ‘Kahit Saglit’ will feature the usual conflict between couples and that is not being on the same page of the relationship anymore. So stay tuned!

They’ve already released a single this first quarter of the year and launched their second music video. You can also follow them in their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. And while you’re at it, better listen to them on Spotify too!

Is She’s Coming Home your next chillax music with your friends? Can’t wait for the released of Kahit Saglit on Spotify? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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