ENCORE FEATURE: Sandwich (band)

This type of Sandwich (band) doesn’t know how to expire! And that’s because this alternative rock band is still a success after two decades in the Philippine music scene.

You’ve heard of this band who’s made itself known, and love in the Philippine music scene. And after more than a decade of creating music that promotes the OPM, Sandwich (band) is still up and kickin’ hot tunes!

You probably sang and swayed to this band’s hit rock songs such as ‘Betamax’ and ‘Superhero.’ But we are sure you danced and jumped wildly singing to ‘Sugod.’ Because we definitely did since its release twelve years ago! Has it really been that long?

If you’ve forgotten about it, don’t worry. We have the nostalgic music video of ‘Sugod’ right here for you!

The Journey of Sandwich

Raymund Marasigan, Diego Castillo, Mike Dizon, Myrene Academia, and Mong Alcaraz begun their music careers twenty years ago, and up to now, their passion prevails in the OPM scene because of their energetic songs and performances.

In 1998, Sandwich landed a recording deal with BMG Records. And immediately on the same year, they released their debut album ‘Grip Stand Throw.’ Have you heard of it? We’re sure you have, you just need to remember. Here, give one of the tracks from the album entitled ‘Paano Sasabihin’ a listen!

Following their debut album is Sandwhich’s second album entitled ‘Four Track Mind’, and this one’s still under BMG Records. And did you know? The album was hailed Album of the Year on 2001 by Manila’s Rock FM Station. No wonder this band’s been around this long!

And when their record deal ended, that did not stop Sandwich from producing music.

That’s why on the year 2004, Sandwich was able to release their third album, the ‘Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull.’ And we have here for you Sandwich’s live performance with MYX back in 2006!

Sandwich (band) was able to successfully release their fourth album on 2006, entitled the ‘Five on the Floor.’

<S> for <S>andwich

By 2008, marking the 10th year of Sandwich creating music, they released their fifth album ‘<S> Marks the Spot’ to honor the past decade.

And despite the numerous fast-rising artists and bands in the OPM scene today, Sandwich (band) was never casted aside. With their countless and various music awards, this alternative rock band still and always will have a special place in the hearts of OPM lovers.

Now on their 20th year in music, Sandwich continues to make heart-stopping and heart-pounding music. They recently dropped a new song entitled ‘Parang Walang Nangyari,’ and it proves that Sandwich is really timeless and has no expiration date.

Listen to their latest drop now!

Can’t get enough of Sandwich (band)? Make sure to stream them on Spotify!

So let us know, are you fan of Sandwich (band)—or rather, <S>andwich? Do you still dance and jump to their music like we do? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Or better yet, send us a message in our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh! We would love to get all nostalgic with you!

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