Mysterious and mystifying, so to speak, Rice Lucido shares her favorite original songs that tickle the mind. Check out Rice Lucido’s performances here in Music Dive!

Definitely bringing a unique sound, Rice Lucido boasts her alluring music that delivers an art so beautiful. What sets her apart is how unique-sounding her music is. Known for her cryptic yet mystical songs, Rice keeps on showing off how different she can be apart from the other local music artists. Despite the concentrated number of rising artists, she was able to make herself known. So far, having two of her original songs as part of the OST of local movies is quite a feat indeed.

Aside from being a talented performer, she’s more than just her voice. Even with the risk of creating out-of-the-box songs, she’s no one to back down from such a challenge. It only goes to show how passionate she is, despite being in an established rising musician in the industry. So if you’re looking for a distinctive voice that carries emotions more than you can take, then Rice Lucido and her music should be your go-to.

Heto Na Naman

Heto na ang gabi
Halika sa aking tabi
Yakapin mo ang dilim
Sabihin ang iyong hiling

‘Heto Na Naman’ is more than the song it is supposed to be. As a song featured in the OST of Ulan starring Nadine Lustre, it became a well-known song. For most of us, ‘Heto Na Naman’ brings a touch of mystery to the film itself. Especially because of how the song sounds. If you listen to it, the song sounds mystical and cryptic. Even how Rice sings the song makes it more mystical, more otherworldly. At some point, you can say that it has this ethereal tone that just awes you.

But apparently, it’s more than that. According to Rice, she wrote the song during the darkest phase of her life. And if you read between the lines of the lyrics and delve deeper to its thought, you’d find the emotions it has in store. ‘Heto Na Naman’ in the raw establishes how you console yourself from the sadness you feel. We might not say it out loud but we do have bad days. With a lot of things in our minds, it keeps us at night, spiraling into our own dark pit. And it seems pretentious but it’s true. During those nights, all we have is ourselves. Just ourselves to console us from the crashing emotions we feel.


Papikit-pikit, nagbibingi-bingihan
Sa isang kalabit
Kapalit ang ‘yong budhi
O pilit pilit pilit
At tuluyang pipilitin
Ikaw daw ang salarin

On the other hand, ‘Salarin’ sheds light on social issues in a creative way. Despite the catchy bop and upbeat tune, Rice delivered a relevant message through her song. Well, for starters, not everyone in the music industry probes social issues that much, let alone write songs about it. And even if they do, it’s has a more straightforward approach. But Rice tends to lean on the creative way of handling things. It might not be subtle but ‘Salarin’ nudges you to see how society works in branding a person a “criminal” or “salarin”. The energetic buzz of the song best fits the hard-hitting lyrics of the song. You can’t even deny the reality of her words and how hard it hits home.

This only goes to show how her creativity can go far. I mean, ‘Salarin’ can mean a lot of things. But the reality of how we can relate to it at a certain level makes it a dedication to the general public itself. Even if it sounds cryptic at first, the lyrics will hit you as the song goes on. It hooks you up and at the end, you’ll be begging to question your own ideals.

Rice Lucido proves to be more than just being a talented performer. But with the top-notch creativity she possesses, her music goes beyond from the art she established. So if you want more mind-boggling and alluring music, be sure to check out Rice on Spotify. You’ll fall in love, be enlightened, mystified and dance to the tunes of life she has in store.

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