We’re very lucky to have a little chat with a very talented artist… And we got to know all about the hopeful message behind the Reassurance Debut Album by RJ Manulid!

The Reassurance Debut Album by RJ Manulid launched just this November 27 and was made available through Spotify, Bandcamp, Deezer, and Apple Music. The album launching also happened on the same day and physical copies were available at the event!

After listening to the ‘Reassurance’ album, we just had to know the meaning behind these 11 tracks. Curious? 😉 Well then read on to find out and get to know more about the artist behind this amazing album.

RJ’s Music Career

Rafael Jose Manulid, or simply RJ, is the 25-year old artist from Davao City who’s behind the beautiful eleven-track album ‘Reassurance’. He first discovered his passion for music when he was in 6th grade and learned to play the keyboard given to him by his grandmother.

RJ first learned to make instrumental piano covers of pop songs before he began composing his own songs back in 2011. His passion for singing and songwriting erupted on his first year in college. “Before anyone knew I could sing, I’d sing loudly into a pillow because I was too embarrassed to share my voice with anyone,” RJ shares with us. Well, we’d pretty much do the same but because anyone who’d hear us sing would get mad lol! But, that’s not the case with this talented artist, right? Because now, his album is finally here! And thank goodness he got to let go of that pillow!

Writing songs helped RJ in expressing his feelings, and his friends from the boarding house he was staying in pushed him to write more. Of course, RJ’s family was very supportive of him as well. Who wouldn’t support him with that amazing voice? We know we would!

Though entering the music scene wasn’t really the goal, writing songs for the people who wanted to hear his music eventually landed him in the local music scene.

The Reassurance Album

Excited to talk about RJ Manulid’s album? To give you feels even more, listen to one of the songs from the ‘Reassurance’ album entitled the ‘Impostor’ now!

The Journey

RJ Manulid, just like many of us, takes the time to listen to an entire album on repeat if the artist’s music has an impact and resonates to him. He admired albums that tell a story, and RJ was driven to write his eleven-track album that would be able to produce the sound that he wanted and the lyrics he wanted to speak out.

For this artist, writing his debut album was a therapeutic experience that taught him a lot. From early 2016 to late 2018, he was able to hone his skills in producing electronic music that he also had to translate into a live performance. RJ shares with us the journey he had with the ‘Reassurance’ album:
I learned to trust my desire to share my message when faced with differing opinions on the direction I should take. As a songwriter, I finally got to express the words and emotions that I was too hesitant to reveal. Musically and emotionally, I poured everything I had into ‘Reassurance’.
RJ’s words are truly inspiring. Music and writing is surely a way for a lot of individuals to finally be able to speak of the things that they’ve always wanted to express. By creating music and writing it all out, it becomes easier to find the courage to share what we truly feel.

The hope behind the album

According to Rafael Jose Manulid, ‘Reassurance’ is all about hope. But it is also so much more than that.
It’s also about the constant struggle between drowning in doubt, anxiety, and adversity, or deciding to push forward and be better. It was my way of telling myself that things will work out somehow even if it doesn’t seem that way. I picked the word ‘Reassurance’ for the title because it was the best word to tie together all the themes of the album. Although that’s what the album means to me, I hope listeners can find their own meanings to the songs.
We don’t know about y’all, but reading this truly pulled some heartstrings. Whenever you are lost, drowning, or you are 15 feet under—songs such as the ‘Reassurance’ album contain gives a lot of impacts. It’s that light you find in the dark tunnel after stumbling for too long. It’s that kindness you receive amongst the sea of strangers. And it’s that bit of motivation that touched you while being dragged down by everything else around you.

When we are feeling too down as if there’s no longer a way up, we just need some reassurance that everything will be alright.

And this is why RJ Manulid’s ‘Reassurance’ debut album is truly something that deserves our listening ears.

If you wanna watch RJ Manulid, he performs at indie music venues in Davao City. He looks forward to tour sometime soon and be able to share his music with others.
I’m just taking things one day at a time and following where the music takes me. When I play a show in Metro Manila, I’d love it if UDOU could be there! 🙂

We’d definitely be there, right? 😉

Want to feel reassured? Then we highly suggest giving these 11 songs a listen now!

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