Had so much fun chatting with the members of PusaKalye during their Music Dive guesting! Get to know them more and their music right here!

PusaKalye is a 6-piece band under Viva Records that creates music that always stays in our hearts. The band is composed of Lester Binoya (bass), AG Cawili (acoustic guitar), Ian Mante (electric guitar), Almond Mendoza (keyboards), Ace Perez (drums), and Oli Tayo (lead vocalist).

Getting to know PusaKalye

The members decided to call their band PusaKalye or “street cat” because of how they started. With their humble beginning, the members started out like most bands. No budget, no equipment, no place to practice their craft. But what they did have was their passion for music. That’s why despite the obstacles, the members continued to play whilst on the streets, with many street cats surrounding them.

And if you are a fan, you’d know how hilarious the members are! Our Music Dive interview is proof of that! But even with their humorous personalities, the members of PusaKalye delivers songs that are meaningful. First-time listeners or not, the band’s music gets easily etched in their hearts. Watch our full interview with them to get to know them more! They also shared their personal interpretations of their song collaboration ‘Wala Na Ang Init‘ with This Band so better watch it now!

PusaKalye’s music

One of their most upbeat songs and usually their opening number… Here’s ‘Ang Ating Alaala‘ performance of PusaKalye for Music Dive!

And of course, here’s one of their hit singles, ‘Kulimlim’!

Alive, meaningful, and deep—that is PusaKalye’s music for me. And that’s just two amongst their many amazing songs!

Pinoy Henyo PusaKalye Edition

What’s Music Dive without a game with the artist, right? Each artist that we guest plays different games! And with PusaKalye, we played the classic Pinoy Henyo game with music categories!

Watch the full video above and see who lost and rapped ‘Kabet’ as a consequence!

We’d be seeing and hearing more from PusaKalye, that’s for sure! Meanwhile, stream their songs on Spotify now!

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