Bringing in the mundanities and the bizarre to their music, Psyka PH lingers with a sense of discovery in life.

A dash of the unusual never hurt a soul. And Psyka PH lives to tell the tale. Contrasting to the usual heavy rock music rock bands make, Psyka brings a breath of fresh air with their peculiar yet familiar sound.

Despite being a rock band, Psyka PH has its own identity when it comes to creating music. Compared to other rock bands, they delve into quirkier themes instead of love, emotions, and the typical rollercoaster ride of life. But that doesn’t mean that it’s nothing good like the others. But it tells a story that we haven’t heard of yet. Aside from that, they don’t box themselves into just one genre of music. As much as possible, they experiment and try to spice things up, packing it with awesome guitar riffs. And yet, they all end up being perfect tunes that you can listen to, anytime, anywhere.

A collective different from the norm

Psyka is a 5-piece rock outfit hailing from the city of flowers, Zamboanga City. Formed in 2017, Psyka started out while rehearsing for Hard Rock Cafe to contact them. After that, they began cooking up original music, writing songs and it just kept coming. And they’ve been together ever since then. The band is composed of Maverick Sebastian (vocalist), Christian Catain on keyboards and back-up vocals and Eldrich Saculingan on drums. They also have Epoi Ventula on bass and Jhenno Mojica on guitars.

The band derived their name from the word “psyka”. It’s the term that refers to people who thinks, acts, and lives differently from the norm. In other words, unconventional and at some point, somehow radical to the society and it’s mundanities. It can also refer to the mentality of not concerning yourself about the opinion of others. And as the band aspires to be, they stay true to themselves and to the people around them. Instead of being boxed by society’s norm, they try to be who they really are, despite looking different in the eyes of the mass. This also helped them to develop their uniqueness in music.

It might sound pretentious but they do have a sense of peculiarity. Their music goes beyond what we normally hear about. But that’s what makes it great. It sets them apart from the other band. Their own identity built from the bizarre and unusual things they think of makes them unique. And you can say that they re not afraid to test it out in the industry with such concentrated love for the usual sound we hear. Aside from being true, you can say that Psyka PH is a mix of brave, bold, and unique.

Psyka PH’s world of music

So far, the songs they’ve released in Spotify does not stray too far from the usual rock outfit. But they tweak it according to what they’re feeling it should be. While they still have amazing guitar riffs and beats, they assure us that they’re more than just the regular rock band. From the songs they’ve released, most of them are instrumentals, a mix of mellow and heavy. They also got acoustic and relaxing songs that will surely entice you during you’re leisure time. Though some of those aren’t released yet, they still aim to be more than just a one trick pony.

The band believes that there’s more to being a rock band. And limiting themselves into one sound isn’t just the only way to make music. As much as possible, they try to explore different sounds that can complement what and who they are. This enables them to learn and grow not only individuals but also as a group at the same time.

Their songs are heavily influenced by their own personal experiences and ideas. With life giving them so many lemons, either they are good or bad, they try to be grateful about it and turn it into their own masterpiece. Outside of music, they love to read and watch weird stuff (which we don’t know how and what kind of weird stuff they are referring to). They also play video games in their spare time to give a breather for their creative juices.


You dont need to worry
You dont need to feel scared
You shouldn’t feel alone
Coz you know I’ll be there

‘You’ is a good LDR song for your significant other. Christian wrote it, sepcifically for his ex-lover. It summarizes the feelings we have when we miss someone we love who is away. In the song, it tells how one person assures the other that there’s no point of feeling scared. The distance is scary but it shouldn’t make you worry. Because even from the other end of the world, our significant other is there, waiting and thinking about us. Even though they can’t do anything about it, the thought of having someone miss us or think about us is enough. Love doesn’t have to be just all in physical appearances. It transcends beyond that. And even distance can’t bring it down. It has a good beat to it and really hits a spot in your heart. I mean, we all have someone we miss, right?

Strawberry Spaghetti

But do you wanna draw time with me
And see the face beyond the eyes can ee
Extraterrestial fantasy, spaghetti strawberry

Weird title, right? But to the band, this song encapsulates the whole identity of the band. From the odd time signatures, spacey-hypnotic vocals to the heavily reverb sounding instrumentals. The song sounds like soft rock, definitely unique and quite catchy. Not only that, the songwriting offers a cute story, telling about time traveling and extraterrestrial fantasy. While it has a bit of science-y theme, the underlying behind the lyrics are the desperate journey of discovering the meaning of life and other psyka types of ideas in society.

Word of Advice

Whatever happens, keep on singing or playing your music. The music career is indeed a hard journey to traverse. But you are not alone. Either you are a solo artist of a band, you will never be alone in your journey towards your own success. True, there will always be ups and downs. It’s bound to happen. To challenged us, to change us and to hone us to the best version of ourselves. But there will be people behind us who will keep on supporting us no matter what. And with that, everyone should be grateful.

Being successful in the music industry doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a collective group effort from the artists themselves and from the people supporting them from the backlines. So if you hit a bump on your way there, stand up and just keep going. At least, one you become successful in your own way, you’ll look back and think of the unpredictable yet groundbreaking journey you’ve had all these times, right?

Did you know?

Yes! Psyka PH does stay true to themselves! While their music is different from the usual rock outfits in the industry, they also are as unique as individuals!

Epoi loves rapping. He’s the rap god of the group. Especially when he’s drunk. He can spit Gangsta’s Paradise like Coolio, partnered with hand gestures and all. And he makes it look easy, despite being drunk and all.

Maverick is the cook of the group. He’s the one who always handles kitchen duty, cooking and everything else kitchen-related. Of course, he has his speedy helped. Christian who buys ingredients and Jhenno who aces in cooking rice.

On the other hand, Christian is their savior. They call him the god of lifehacks. No joke, he can literally do everything and has trusty lifehacks on hand, wherever and whenever. He can even build an airplane from just kitchen utensils. How cool is that?!

Aside from being a drummer, Eldrich is also an electrical engineer. (Wow!) And he can sleep for 23 hours a day! That’s a talent that we all want to have! He also loves playing World of Tanks.

And last but not least, their youngest member, Jhenno. The errand boy of the group. He’s always in charge of washing the dishes and cleaning up the table after meals. He also plays Dota 2 with his best heroes Bloodseeker and Phantom Assassin. Guess what? 95% win rate! (I challenge you, char!)

What more?

If you want to listen to Psyka PH and want to fall in love with the world they’ve built, look for them in Spotify! You can also follow them on their Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram accounts for the latest updates on their schedules.

They’ll be releasing a new song entitled Cloud soon this April. And they’ll be doing a school tour back in their hometown Zamboanga City. They’ll be playing and promoting their songs there. Also, they will release their EP ‘Sunset on Mars’ this August. You can get physical copies and digital downloads for it from Bandcamp so stay tuned!

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