ENCORE FEATURE: Paul Bryant Tubera (Gig Photography)

This freelance photographer named Paul Bryant Tubera can be seen in various music events and bar gigs. You probably even noticed him at one, and wondered who ehe was. And now, we finally got the chance to get to know him better!

Paul Bryant Tubera is a 24-year old freelance photographer who has a very special connection when it comes to the music scene. What do we mean by that? Well, he does all kinds of photography. But his potential and creativity was truly intensified through shooting music events.

And we can’t help ourselves any longer as we are excited for you guys to know who this photographer named Paul really is! So before we could spoil and spill all the hot deets, without further ado, here is our exclusive interview with Paul Bryant Tubera.

The blossoming of his passion

When and how did you discover your interest in photography?

I was just a freshman in college when I started to be interested in photography. I’m an architecture student with a big frustration in sketching (traditional arts), a sucker for perspectives, and a sentimental for moments and memories. So, I had to find a medium that fits me. That’s when my love for photography bloomed.

Why did you choose to focus on the music event scene? How is it different from other photography settings? (Have you tried photography in other scenes?)

Yes of course, I’ve tried in other scenes. I went from taking portraits, weddings, corporate events, etc. and I still do up until now. But, the music scene is where I can be at my full potential and amplify my creativity in a way that it makes me feel alive.

The world of music and photography

You are probably curious as to what ecstatic feelings that come across this photographer while shooting. No worries, we asked all of those and we have it for you right here!

Tell us about the events you have covered. Which ones are your favorites?

I have so many! But, I think my favorites are UP Fair, Sandwich’s 20th Anniversary, Rakrakan, Jack Daniel’s future legends music awards, Satchmi, Linya-Linya, GabbaFest, Coke Studio, Autotelic gigs, LAA and Cheats Album Launch. Those are some of my favorites but Red Ninja Anniv and Year Enders has a special place in my heart 🙂

Who are your favorite subjects?

I basically love taking photos of performers who are so expressive while performing. The one who moves and simultaneously singing their hearts out. But, the crowd and the people behind the prod, that’s where the magic happens because that’s where you find true emotions. The smiles, the tears, the sweat and the hardwork. It’s heart warming!

Personally, who’s your favorite OPM and international artists?

In the local scene I listen to Urbandub, Franco, Sandwich, Lions and Acrobats, She’s Only Sixteen, Autotelic, Reese, and Cheats, etc.

My personal favorite international artists/bands are Mayday Parade, Fallout Boy, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, Blink-182, etc. You know that era haha. But I’m also open to different kinds of genre.

Paul and his camera

If writers have their pens and musicians have their instruments—photographers have their cameras as their tool to pursue their passion and hone their creative talents.

Besides covering for music events/gigs, what other setting(s) in particular do you like to capture?

I love taking photos in the streets, just taking photos of people and different places. I also like taking portraits, landscapes while I’m traveling. I would also like to try fine art photography and food photography but I think that’s a whole to discipline that I have to pursue.

Tell us about the camera you use. And what are your favorite lenses?

The first camera that I had was a Nikon d3100 together with a 50mm and 35mm. Then, switched to Canon 550d together with a Tamron 17-50mm. I think the 17-50mm is my “go to” lens because I’m into wide shots and, at the same time, details.

What editing softwares do you use to enhance your photos, if any?

I only use Lightroom and Photoshop for post processing.

For you, what makes a great photo? What elements do you look for in your shot to finally judge that it’s good enough?

Although composition is a must, I think it’s how your photo made you feel. Did the photo made you happy or sad. Did it made you laugh or cry? Did it made you feel relaxed or did it made you get off of your chair? If it did, then it’s more than enough. Because the most important element of taking a photo is the connection between you and the subject.

Getting to know Paul more personally

What ups and downs have you experienced so far in doing freelance photography?

There’s so many actually! One of my problem is how you will I network myself to people and how will I be better than yesterday. It’s a daily grind. Mostly, people think that it just easy clicking work and most of the time we are being belittled. It’s actually more than that. You wake up, you sell yourself, you work all day/night, you go home, you post process, you organize, you sleep late, and you wake up again. It’s a very tiring cycle, but at the same time I’m happy and I enjoy it so much.

Who are the photographers you look up to? (Can be someone famous or someone you personally know)

A batchmate from college inspired me to push my career in photography. We’re not actually close, but seeing him improve every day is like a challenge to me. I also look up to photographers like Nina Sandejas, Karen de la Fuente, Shaira Luna, Ouie Sanchez and Zhang Jingna.

Tell us more about you outside the realm of photography. How old are you, what are your other hobbies, and what do you see yourself doing in the future besides photography?

I’m 24! Turning 25 this December. I sketch and cook mostly on my free time. I love cooking so much it’s like my precious “Me time” whenever I’m stressed out. I love to travel, I love to bond with my friends, and I love hearing stories of different people. I’m looking forward to have my own business of, of course, food.

The freelance photographer you’d definitely want to hire

Where can we see your work?

You’ll see most of my work on my Instagram (@ipaulbrymusic) and facebook page (@ipaulbryphotos). Sometimes in Twitter (ipaulbry) where I update most of my shoots and nonsense haha

Where’s the next gig we can expect to find you?

Most of the time I’m probably in Route 196 and Saguijo. But, this December I’ll be at Red Ninja’s Year Ender! Hire me so you can see me everywhere haha

Lastly, how would prospective customer find and contact you for photography services?

You can contact me through my email. You can also contact me through my social media accounts—Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You heard him, guys! Be sure to check out Paul’s amazing shots on his ppages now. And be sure to refer this freelance photographer on the next great event!

Did you find Paul Bryant Tubera interesting because of his passion for photographer? And do you know any other freelancers we should feature? Maybe it’s even you! Tell us in the comment section below. And if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.

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