ENCORE FEATURE: OPM Band Vocalists Who Found Success In Their Solo Careers

The OPM band scene in the country changes every now and then—it’s hard not to get devastated with left and right breakups, going hiatus, solo careers. But just because the band’s over doesn’t mean the music dies as well.

Some people continue the passion, just like these OPM band vocalists who we can use as great examples of success in the industry:

Bamboo Manalac

photo from official Facebook page

Bamboo was originally Rivermaya’s vocalist, until he chose to stay in the US in 1998, leaving Rico Blanco as the vox. After five years, he started his own band Bamboo, but later on disbanded in 2011. Popular for his rock yet mellow songs, Bamboo pursued his solo career shortly after, releasing albums No Water, No Moon (2012) and Bless This Mess (2015). He’s currently a host in ASAP 20 and judge for The Voice.

Rico Blanco

photo from official Facebook page

One of Rivermaya’s founding members Rico Blanco was also its head songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist, aside from being the vocalist starting 1998 to 2007. There’s no doubt this all-in-one artist chose the solo path, starting his career from 2008 onwards. His hit tracks like Your Universe, Sorry naman, and Wag Mong Aminin gained him the title as one of the respected music icons in the country. He’s also leading the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Inc. (Filscap) to nurture a new batch of composers.

Ebe Dancel

photo from official Facebook page

Sugarfree held their farewell concert Paalam Pilipinas in 2011, and vocalist Ebe Dancel turned into a solo artist. They remained in good terms after, though. He released his album Bawat Daan in 2015, where the same song was featured in the movie Walang Forever. Ebe still plays in gigs and concerts now as a solo artist, and you can spot him a lot around Elbi.

Kitchie Nadal

photo from official Facebook page

Before Lougee Basabas took over Mojofly, there was Kitchie Nadal. She chose the solo path starting 2003, releasing the OPM classic Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin, and a few revival songs from Eraserheads and APO Hiking Society. She’s now enjoying off spotlight with her first born child.

Barbie Almalbis

photo from official Facebook page

Originally the vox of Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle, Barbie pursued a solo career starting 2005 with her self titled album Barbie: The Singles. She still plays in various shows and concerts as a special guest—obviously one of the respected female vocalists ever.

We all know by now that the OPM band scene come and go, and whether we like it or not, we have to accept these changes the same way as they do. No need to be all bitter about it!

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