A new year means a new journey. And that also means we have OPM artists to watch out for this 2019!

Who’s gonna make it big this year? Who’s gonna make themselves known in the Philippine music scene? A new year always excites me knowing that I have this to look forward to! It’s thrilling to be on the lookout on the past year’s favorite rising bands and watch out what’s next for them. And of course, it’s even more exhilarating for the arrival of new artists!

Here’s my list of OPM artists to watch out for! Are they going to make 2019 their year? We have 12 months to find out!

Fourplay MNL

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Fourplay MNL‘s ‘One Night Stand‘, after being released again on Spotify, reached 200,000+ streams in just two months! Promising, isn’t it? After their successful performance at the UST Paskuhan 2018, seems like we’ll be seeing more from this hot rising band. This year, ‘One Night Stand’ will be having its music video release and an EP launch is coming our way very soon!

The Ridleys

This band called The Ridleys has been around for quite some time now. And you probably witnessed their set during gigs around the metro! One of the underrated bands in the country, I’d like to believe that 2019 is gonna be The Ridleys‘ year. And of course, we have something great to watch out for as The Ridleys LP is in the works!

Where’s Ramona?

October of 2018, Where’s Ramona? had their ‘The Reckless RomanticEP launch at Route 196! After that, wave after wave of opportunity was given to this rising band. They got featured in MYX more than once and was even a guest at the Wish Bus! No wonder we have our eyes on this reckless romantics, huh?

Any Name’s Okay

Any Name’s Okay is another one of the underrated bands in the country. They’ve been capturing a lot of hearts through their music such as their very captivating single entitled ‘Clouds’. Just new in the OPM scene, things would surely get exciting with this talented band. I can’t wait to get to know more about them and their music!

This Band

“Every emotion is equivalent to a song”, that’s what This Band believes in, and I agree! This Band is composed of Andrea Manzano (vocals), Euwie Loria (rhythm), Raymart Gubat (lead guitars), Miccael Galvan (bass guitars), John Macaranas (drums), and Melvin Carson (keyboards). I can’t wait for a new single that would make me so LSS the way ‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’ did!


You think you’ve seen the last of them? Of course not! Munimuni caused quite a stir in the OPM scene last year. And rest assured, they’ll continue to capture everyone’s hearts and pull at your emotions with their makata pop. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this very amazing band!

La Luna

If you often attend gigs, then you must have heard of the band called La Luna! It’s a four-piece band composed of Reason Fortun (lead vocals/rhythm guitars), Joshua Angeles (bass guitars), Lorenzo Zavalla (second vocals/lead guitars), and Joshua Docena (drums/percussion). You should definitely be on the lookout for this rising band. Because as early as January, they’d be giving you guys a treat you shouldn’t miss!

Jello Reyes

This 25-year old busker shares his life experiences through his compositions. He left his well-paying job for music, not only does he get to do enjoy and have fun, but he gets too live out his passion. Jello Reyes writes and performs his original songs, and to welcome the year, he was a guest performer at the Wish Bus! Looks like we’ll be expecting more from this solo artist, huh?

Keiko Necesario

Keiko Necesario was truly a name that’s starting to become known in the Philippine music scene last year. This sweetheart writes inspiring and heartwarming songs and it’s so easy to fall in love with her! Having performed at the Wish Bus, she continues to make waves by sharing her music. This month, she’s set to release the piano version of her ‘Away From The Current’!

Martin Riggs

Another busker on our list! Martin Riggs was nominated as a Rising Pop Influencer of the Year at the PPOP Awards for Young Artists. He received an appreciation award for being an influential music icon. Martin Riggs is also making waves in the OPM industry through his busking tour. And I’m telling you, I’m excited about the wonders that he can do this year!

Wow, such talents to look forward to this year, huh? We surely have a lot of OPM artists to watch out for this 2019 and I’m excited! How about you? Which band or solo artist do you have your eyes on? Share it with us in the comment section below! Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.