We all know that certain things in the media industry are unnecessary. Producers often want to create drama to appeal more to viewers.

That is what O/C Records want to avoid in their latest show, Objective Criticism. Without the unnecessary competition where participants are pitted against each other, this show aspires to build a harmonious collaboration between artists where their ideas are respected.

Anyway, what is Objective Criticism all about though?

An honest free for all songwriting collaboration

Objective Criticism is a new show concept by O/C Records. It is free for all and they are inviting aspiring singer-songwriters to join and perform their own original songs. A panel, who are usually professionals in the music industry, would watch them and eventually give their objective criticism.

To have a better idea about what the show is all about, check this video out.

As you can see in the video above, the panelists are notable singer-songwriters themselves. For this certain episode teaser, O/C Records’ CEO Kean Cipriano and artist Martin Riggs are the ones who gave critique to the participants. The criticism usually involves suggestions for their compositions, their singing manner, and even technicalities of their chords.

However, one unique factor about this show is how well the craft of the participants receive respect. Panelists ask key information about the participating artists’ songs, to which they would build their suggestions around. In other words, even though there will be a lot of changes, the vision and integrity of the artists will not be compromised.

The show ultimately finishes off with a bang as the participating artists are given a life-changing surprise. What is it, you ask? Find out by watching the show on the YouTube channel of O/C Records. If you want to join as a participant, you should also check their channel.

Moreover, we are really looking forward to this show. We believe that it can help discover a lot of talents and gems that could further kick-off the growth of the OPM industry.

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