Time flew by so fast as Nathan & Mercury celebrates their anniversary! To commemorate this special milestone for their band, Nathan & Mercury performed at 19 East last November 11!

As Nathan & Mercury turns 1, they celebrated their anniversary with a bang! Just last November 11 (11/11), they took us back on their journey towards to who they are now. Together with Dayaw, St. Wolf, Munimuni and One Click StraightNathan & Mercury gave us the best birthday bash ever!

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Nathan & Mercury is a new name in the game. They’ve been around the Metro, sharing their unique music to the indie local scene. The four-piece band was formed last 2017 after a one-time birthday gig. But because of the undeniable talent and chemistry of the members, they finally decided to be an official band that same year. The group is composed of Nathan Huang, Alex Samonte, Angelo Sison and Daniel Monong.

Who is Nathan & Mercury?

Their music is a fusion of different elements to pop and R&B. They mix in funk, hip-hop, jazz, and soul, making their music sound unique the ears. The band aspires to create good music for their audience to bop their heads to.

They just don’t want to entertain, they want to connect and move people through their own songs. Actually, you can’t really determine what genre the band is going with. Because of their unique approach in making their own music, they are their own masters. This actually what sets apart Nathan & Mercury from other bands. And if you’ve attended their anniversary shows, you probably know what we mean already!

But if you don’t go check out this video, right now! You can watch the full set of Nathan & Mercury and dive right into their wonderful spectrum.

Nathan & Mercury exclusive interview!

We see a band, well, technically, an awesome band on stage. But what we don’t see is that they’re a team, a family that works together to make things happen for their common cause. In short, they’re a band that needs our Spotify streams. (Kidding, but we still love you guys, though!).

Their music, according to them, is inspired by the “little nuggets” of each and everyone. Their music not only reflects one person in the band but all of them.

Another unique thing about them is that they don’t limit themselves. When we asked who are the members, they just said their names and not their role in the band. Peculiar, right? They believe that roles are just “limiting” themselves. They don’t limit themselves to certain instruments they play. Being flexible keeps them free, dynamic and fresh in the eyes of the audience. And of course, it helps the band themselves in growing.

Yes, we can say that Nathan is the vocals and rhythm guitarist, Alex is the lead guitarist, Daniel in drums or that Angelo is the bassist but they’re more than that. They have their own little ways of showing it during their performances. (But we’re definitely crushing on Nathan, though. Shhhhh.). Everyone is charming in their own ways, (we’re talking to you, Nathan Huang) and talented as well.

We were certainly stars-struck with them! Show some love with Nathan & Mercury and add their songs to your Spotify playlist!

The “rumors” are definitely true. Nathan & Mercury is “waiting on you”! So don’t be a bunch of “fools”, “fly” with them to cloud nine! “Swing” your hips and Fueled with love and support, Nathan & Mercury celebrates their anniversary by bringing us to cloud nine. This band is not just your ordinary indie band so better watch out for them!

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