Ahhhh, Munimuni. What else can I say, right? They’ve stolen my heart and there’s no way of getting it back. And though I’m out of words when it comes to them, here’s Munimuni and why we love this band.

Munimuni is an indie folk band who immediately made a name for themselves in the OPM scene because of their new genre, the “makata pop”. Munimuni is composed of five members namely Adj Jiao (guitar/vocals), TJ de Ocampo (guitar), John Owen Castro (flute/vocals), Jolo Ferrer (bassist), and Josh Tumaliuan (drums).

You prolly know all about this band (and maybe even more!) but I bet y’all wanna talk about Munimuni and why we love this band, right? 😉

1. The makata pop

“Makata” is not something that you’d hear a lot from people nowadays. And to be honest, as a Literature major, it saddens me that fewer individuals appreciate its beauty. It’s already given that songs are basically poems entwined with music. But sorry, y’all. I just don’t see that happening most of the time.

And that’s one of the many reasons why I love the Munimuni band. They do not only showcase their talents in music, but they give us a whole new music experience with their makata pop. It’s like listening to spoken poetry that’s in our language but with amazing music! Carefully written and all-in-all a genius, that’s Munimuni!

Listen and sing along to the lyric video of ‘Marilag’ from their first EP ‘Simula’ that launched last year!

Just beautiful, isn’t it? Munimuni doesn’t merely throw out words and hope that it’s good enough. They make sure that every line is meaningful and woven into such a masterpiece. It’s obvious in all of their songs on how they take the time to compose these lyrics.

With our music industry, it’s so easy to get lost and think that the words to the songs are beautiful just because they are filled with #hugot lines. Munimuni talks about life, love, and hope in their songs. In its entirety, the songs that they have released our deep and meaningful. But what really sets them aside from other OPM bands and artists are the makata pop they have seemed to own! Because c’mon guys, they are definitely owning the new genre that they have made.

2. Life, love, hope

We’re all used to OPM hitting the right spots that can stir our emotions, but that’s usually associated with love. Don’t you agree? Lately, the standard for “good” OPM is if it’s filled with hugot. Of course, Munimuni also caters to the broken hearts. But besides that, they also speak of life and all its trials and difficulties.

One of their heartbreaking songs is their hit single entitled ‘Sa Hindi Pag-alala’.

Munimuni also tackles important issues that are usually ignored, such as mental health. In ways, they get to address the obstacles of an individual facing such problems and about the chaos in their minds. We really need more songs about this one since mental health issues are not receiving much attention that’s very much needed. But not only that, Munimuni sends out hope to those who are feeling lost.

An example of this is their recently released song ‘Kalachuchi‘.

The words to their songs resonate from their own experiences and emotions as well. Munimuni’s songs are genuine, sincere, and very relatable. No wonder it gets to their listeners so much and can’t help but fall in love with this band.

3. Their quality music

Need I say more? Munimuni’s music is utterly beautiful. It crawls on my skin, warms me up, and slows the beating of my heart with its beauty. Imagine what it feels whenever I get to hear them perform live!

Their quality would make you want to close your eyes and really reflect, meditate—mag-munimuni. Of course, all of their songs are of utmost quality music, but here’s ‘Tahanan’ as an example!

Makata pop, meaningful lyrics, and quality music… It’s no mystery why I love Munimuni! And I bet you are all listing your own reasons on why you love this band. And to help you even more with listing perhaps numerous reasons on why you’re an avid fan, listen to their other songs on Spotify now!

Do you agree with our Munimuni and Why We Love This Band list? How about you? Why do you love Munimuni? Tell us everything! There’s a lot more to talk about regarding this genius band. Leave a comment down below or send us a message on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph.