This amazing dance video of Mike Sevilla for Ben&Ben’s Susi sure has an amazing choreography. And this dance performance is attracting lots of attention—even from the OPM band behind ‘Susi’ themselves!

You’ve probably seen the “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” Filipino history film. And if you did, then you’ve probably heard of the movie’s theme song entitled ‘Susi‘ by Ben&Ben.

Now, a dancer and choreographer named Mike Sevilla amazes netizen with his dance number for Ben&Ben’s ‘Susi.’ Haven’t seen it yet? We gotchu! Here is the full video of Mike Sevilla for Ben&Ben’s ‘Susi.’

What an impressive dance performance, right? The interpretative hip-hop choreography is a very fresh take to the song ‘Susi.’ And through Mike Sevilla’s dance and choreography skills, the emotions heard in Ben&Ben‘s song can now be seen visually.

Mike Sevilla for Ben&Ben‘s ‘Susi’ has raw and powerful emotions etched in each of his steps, and add to this is the Goyo film vibes choice for the set. We think Romel Manila’s vibrant shoot for the 3-minute dance video definitely added an extra flare for this dance performance.

Ben&Ben’s ‘Susi’

Want to understand the full beauty of Mike Sevilla’s dance interpretation? Then you should know about the song and the film behind its concept.

Haven’t had the chance to listen to Ben&Ben’s ‘Susi’ or watch the film “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”? Don’t worry ’cause we have here the official music video of the film for you.

“Susi”—a stirring acoustic ballad about refusing to give up and finding one’s self amid the adversities of chasing a dream—was composed by Paolo and Miguel during a rough patch during their college days.

As described by an article for the Goyo theme song.

So are you finally feeling the full intensity of the dance number of Mike Sevilla for Ben&Ben’s ‘Susi’? Because we definitely are.

Mike Sevilla caught the attention of the Ben&Ben!

The impressive dance performance of Mike Sevilla did not only impress us, but even Paolo Benjamin, the lead vocalist of Ben&Ben himself!

This is full of heart. Thank you.

Paolo shared Mike Sevilla’s dance video on his personal Facebook account with the said caption. To which Mike Sevilla replied with a heartwarming comment:

Thank you so much!!! You and your songs had been my inspiration and I am deeply honored that you appreciate my craft. Again, thank you so much. 🙏😊

So how about you guys? Were you impressed by the dance number of this Mike Sevilla for Ben&Ben’s Susi video? Tell us in the comments section below! Or better yet, send us a message in our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know how you felt about this interpretation, and if it might have inspired you too.