Mayonnaise (band) is never bland. And we have all the hot flavors from one of the Philippines’ favorite OPM Bands right here.

We all know Mayonnaise (band)—this group has been one the most popular OPM acts since 2002. We’re sure you’ve heard of this little song called ‘Jopay’. And there’s also one of their more more heart-wrenching tracks ‘Ipagpatawad Mo’.

This alt-rock group has been giving us our dose recommended of ‘eargasm’ ever since—from the radio, to our old CD (and even cassette) players, till our gadgets evolved into MP3 players, to smart phones. Mayonnaise (band) has been around since we can remember!

The quartet, originally composed of Monty Macalino, Paga Manikan, Lee Maningas, and Shan Regalado made their mainstream success in 2004 after winning the Grand Prize at the popular music competition – Red Horse Muziklaban. And since then, they became the fan favorite that many of us grew up and jammed with throughout the years.

And having released 6 albums in total, we know that these guys are the real deal!

Mayonnaise is an essentially witty band name, but there’s a legit reason for that!

Inspired from the song ‘Mayonnaise’ by Smashing Pumpkins, you’d see how they’re songs are almost patterned in that style. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Say it with us, cheers for sixteen years and MAYO have many more years to come!

Honoring this awesome band, we’ve listed down some of the band’s most popular hits. And we’re including lyric videos so y’all could sing along!

1. Jopay

Arguably, this is quite an intriguing piece and just enough to have our ears open for it! Jopay is about former Sexbomb Dancer Jopay Paguia. We think that it’s just the fact that it’s quite a courageous move, using an actual person’s name when we’re always just used to the usual subliminal writing.

2. Bakit (Part 2)

Bakit Part 2 is the song that gained them mainstream success. This is one of the very foundations of Mayonnaise, guys!

3. Ipagpatawad Mo

Don’t even try asking how many times this was requested on a live gig, or even at a simple karaoke jam. ‘Ipagpatawad Mo’ is our go-to ‘suyo’ song. And ‘FYI’, it works!

4. Synesthesia

Be honest, it’s either you sang this to someone or someone had sung this to you! *Yieeee*

5. Paraan

You know what they say, ‘the older the wine, the better the taste.’ And one of Mayonnaise’s more recent songs called ‘Paraan’ proves that for the band.

Do you guys want more of Mayonnaise (band)?

You can catch Monty, Shan, Carlo, Nikki, and Maan live! Yep, the band is jamming pretty much everywhere this October! *O-M!* 

Catch Mayonnaise at you favorite hangout spots this month! And you can stay updated with us right here.

We’re sure you’re dying to hear ’em in your earphones before you see ’em live!

So we have the Top Tracks for Mayonnaise right here:

Mayonnaise? Don’t you mean mayo-NICE?

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