We are so proud! Martin Riggs is a Rising Pop Influencer of the Year nominee and you better remember that name, people!

Martin Riggs, a rising singer and busker, was nominated as a Rising Pop Influencer of the Year. Last November 29, at PPOP Awards for Young Artists, he received an appreciation award for being an influential music icon.

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PPOP Awards for Young Artists 2018 is a celebration for the Nation Music Week of Young Artists. The organizations who are behind the awards believed that there are young talents who deserve to be acknowledged for contributing to Pinoy music. And it might not be such a huge awarding but winning or just being nominated for PPOP is a great honor for sure. Especially for our dear Martin Riggs!

Martin Riggs

If you still haven’t heard of the name Martin Riggs, then you came to the right place!

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Martin Riggs is singer-songwriter from Adamson University who is known for promoting the busking community. Busking or street performing is the act of performing in public areas for voluntary donations. It’s quite rare to see young people do busk in the country. But Martin Riggs is serious about it and his name is buzzing!

A lot of people in the Metro knows Martin Riggs. His performances are top-notch, despite it being in the middle of a busy street. He’s been promoting busking ever since. It’s certainly not an easy job and people tend to ignore buskers. But if you see Martin Riggs out about, you’ll surely stop to check out his soulful voice!

But what we love from him is not just his talent but also his love for music. This guy is passionate and it resonates to his own performances. He believes that busking is a symbol of freedom and he loves how it reaches the hearts of his open audience. Everyone, either they are in the streets strolling or just on their way home, deserves some good music.

He might have not won the PPOP Rising Pop Influencer of the Year but he definitely deserves to be nominated. You have won over hearts, Martin!

You can check out his Facebook page to know more about his gigs and where you can catch him live!

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