Mandy Moore is back to making music!

Fans rejoice as Mandy Moore releases a new original song, titled ‘When I Wasn’t Watching’. After more than a decade from dropping her sixth studio album ‘Amanda Leigh’, the iconic ‘A Walk to Remember’ actress enchants us once again with her angelic voice.

Oh, Mandy! You just know how much we need your music to feel alive again!

Listen to the song and watch the music video below as we look at the lyrics and what it probably means.

When I Wasn’t Watching

We don’t know about you, but we feel super nostalgic with this song! Maybe it’s the instrumental, but we think it is mainly because of Mandy’s voice. It just takes us back to all the times we have listened to ‘Cry’, ‘Crush’, or even ‘Only Hope’!

But if you happen to not be familiar with those songs, then damn we’re old.

‘When I Wasn’t Watching’ is a song that we think is about self-discovery. As it said in the lyrics,

A little lost, a little rough

I ask myself, “have you had enough?”

I’ll do what’s taught to retrace the steps

I haven’t even taken yet

The fear of what I’m facing in the mirror

Stops me cold and leaves me here

A little lost, a little rough

The lack of answers all add up

We assume that the song explains the feeling of being lost in life and coming up with questions that there aren’t really any answers to. You feel stuck in a certain time of your life that you then start to doubt yourself. Kind of like having an identity crisis, we guess.

The song is upbeat, but the message of it is really profound. We are brought back to all the times we questioned our goals, or even our purpose in life. Because when no one is watching, who are we really?

Overall, we really like Mandy Moore’s new single. It offers that fun but quiet realization of our own selves through things that we have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience in our lives.

Meanwhile, an album is set to release early next year and we are looking forward to it!

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