Marco BMG delivers a powerful track that honors our mothers’ unconditional love.

Released on May 10, ‘Aviso’ brings listeners to an emotional musical journey reminding us how the first woman in our life– our mother– shapes us into becoming better people.


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Gustong lumipad sa langit na parang paru-paro

The music video starts off showing the artist as a young boy. He lives with his mother, siblings, and his abusive father. The boy gets to witness the physical and emotional harassment his mother suffers under the hands of his father. Soon, we see his parents separating, and he’s left with his father.

Years later, we see the boy again, this time as a man drinking alcohol– a scene that symbolizes a phase in his life where he’s lost and out of parental guidance. 

Fast forward to the present, the man is able to establish a music career. Here, we also get to glimpse into his life as a family man. In the end, the song transitions into spoken poetry– a tearjerking poem speaking from the point of view of his mother. The video ends with the man closing a letter that contains that message from his mother.

While the music video is a personal narrative of the artist, (a wordplay for the Tagalog word Abiso which means ‘advice’), the song tackles a universal truth: we need our ‘nanay’. The lyrics bleed with honesty and vulnerability (Kela-ngan ko ng abiso mo yeah, Hinaha-nap hanap kalinga mo yeah), putting much emphasis on the ups and downs of one’s relationship with their mother and the underlying truth that we need their love-fueled guidance, no matter how far we think we’ve gone in our journey.

Behind the stage name Marco BMG is a man named Marc Angelo Cruz. Hailing from Bulan, Sorsogon, he first appeared in his music video for “Millionnaire” featuring PriceTagg and Tiny Montanna. ‘Aviso’ by Marco BMG is now available on his platforms including Spotify. You can also check him out on Facebook @MarcoBMGOfficial.

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