Get to know about the band called Lila Blanca and their music through our exclusive interview with them!

“Lila Blanca” means that to live, one must experience death or to die, from the book of Mark. The band explains that it means in order for one to experience full understanding, one has to experience dying spiritually, a rebirth.

Lila Blanca is composed of members Mike (singer-songwriter/guitar), Marco (bass guitar), Rico (lead guitar), Dave (drums), DJ Ram (DJ/beats). Get to know more about this band through our interview with them right here!

The beginning

Lila Blanca started out when Mike Lila started to arrange and write songs once more. With the help of his cousin who is both a director and an artist, they began recording. After being able to produce his own songs, Mike set out to look for band members that would have the similar interest and dedication to sharing music to the crowd as he was.

From then on, Mike Lila, Marcus Aslarona, Rico Nicolas Ramos, Dave Marasigan, and Ramwil Salvador set out to create music as Lila Blanca.

The music of Lila Blanca

Lila Blanca is an alternative rock fusion band that is highly inspired by the 90’s feel of alternative rock combined with today’s technology-electronic. Despite this, the band explained that they have no intention of being confined in just one or two forms of sound.

“We have lots of possibilities and there’s so much to learn and experience through different genre to form something new. Life is music, music is life.”

The songs of Lila Blanca focuses on life and love’s experiences. Mike is the one who mainly does the writings and gets his inspirations from his experiences and his surroundings.

“In some ways, he tries to see all the sides of the room-perceptions. For example, love is not always in its inspiring state. Amazingly, even the saddest song has its own reflection of inspirations.”


Lila Blanca’s single ‘Ligaw’, as explained by the band, is a sad love song. It shares the sentiments of being left alone or hanging at the edge of a relationship. Check out the MV of ‘Ligaw right here:

“The song actually implicates and/or remind the listeners that the best form of love is about bringing the best of oneself.”


If ‘Ligaw’ is a sad love song, their single ‘Disagree’ on the other hand, is an inspirational song as shared by the band. The song reflects on the things that an indivudal has to offer to another person. And even if things do not go the way you were hoping it to be, you don’t have to feel sorry about it. Because what matters is you’ve done everything with all your heart.

Check out the music video of ‘Disagree’ now!

“These are about and all about the love I carry with me” -Mike Lila

When asked what’s different with Lila Blanca’s music as compared to other OPM bands, they gave this impression answer:

“In respect to the scene and to our colleagues, we don’t really talk about and/or compare on how we are different or better. We just focus on the writing and bringing out the best in our music. We take our works seriously just like everyone else. In terms of the progress, we just want to be better than we were yesterday. Besides, everyone has its own identity and form to take care and be proud of.”

The band to watch out for

Getting to know more about Lila Blanca would truly make you look forward to their band and their music. Luckily, the band members tries everyday to come up with something new and different from the usual taste. Lila Blanca works hard to bring more songs for their friends, families, and listeners. Just recently, Lila Blanca released ‘The Collie Flower’ album EP.

The band shares that in the next few months, they will be bringing up another timeline in there music. That’s what everyone should tune in for from Lila Blanca!

Of course, Lila Blanca gives out a simple advice for aspiring artists out there struggling to make themselves known in the Philippine music scene:

“Dreams don’t come easy. Play and live.”

Laglagan time (You do you!)

My favorite part! Getting to know the members in a fun way is the best! Of course, when is the best time for laglagan time but through an interview, right? 😉 And luckily, the band members were very kind enough to share us some hilarious trivia!

Mike – The Director

He is a perfectionist. He loves pizza and dumplings. And he can’t remember his own writings or lyrics. Lol!

Rico – Mr. Creatives

He’s got lots of silly things inside his mind (just don’t bother asking about it). The clown in the group!

Dave- Mr. Swabe

Because of his bigote! He’s our ‘Tech’ guy. He doesn’t really talk much… sometimes we don’t feel him either (always far or blocked from the camera).

Marcus- Mr. Aburido & Stuntman

The sweet lover—he takes his girlfriend and relationship seriously. He can also jump out of the bus while moving!

Ram- The Bully & The Chick Magnet

He got lots of girlfriends but he’s pretty much single. We think sometimes he’s working as a pimp. Lol!

Ahhh, that was surely a fun interview. I hope you enjoyed getting to know the Lila Blanca as much as I did!

With that, stream Lila Blanca’s songs on Spotify now!

You can also find their music on iTunes, Deezer, and Amazon. Tune in for more of Lila Blanca through their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

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