The Ohio boys have reached a whole new level of interaction with fans.

The twenty one pilots were at it again with their infamous crypticness. Over the past week, their fanbase from across the planet was sent on an intricate online scavenger hunt involving cracking loads of codes and downloading .zip files containing seemingly unrelated clips and images.

But to the band’s surprise, the Skeleton Clique managed to solve the puzzles in 12 hours– which isn’t really that surprising, considering how often the alternative rock duo goes cryptic on the clique. After years of going gaga over a mysterious tweet from Tyler which sometimes leads to a new single and sometimes doesn’t really mean anything, the clique has become pros when it comes to decoding stuff from Tyler and Josh.

In a tweet, the Ohio-based duo expressed their shock saying, “we didn’t think you would tear through the codes so easily. should have taken a week but you did it in just over 12 hours. you got us this time.”

Be part of the never-ending music video.

The puzzles have led to a website on which fans are encouraged to submit their videos and be part of the never-ending music video for their latest single Level Of Concern.

Welcome to the first ever, never-ending music video. Every 3 minutes and 40 seconds, an all new Never-Ending Level of Concern will play with videos you submit,” reads an explanation on the ‘level of concern’ website. “Dance, animate, dress up, get creative, be weird and have fun.”

Catch up on the never-ending video for Level Of Concern below:

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